• June 13, 2013

engajer Video Platform Now Integrated with Leading CRM Software

engajer, a Web-enabled interactive video platform, is now integrated with Salesforce.com and several other CRM platforms, including SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, and PipelineDeals.

An engajer is an interactive video sales presentation that is broken down into bite-sized modules that allows viewers to select the content that is most relevant to them. Viewers can also select the order in which they view selected 30-second video bursts.

With the integration with CRM platforms, users can import CRM contacts in seconds from the engajer dashboard, conduct searches and queries on leads, filter contacts to target the right audiences, and send out engajers to generate qualified leads.

engajer providers detailed analytics on viewers' interests and behavior, tracking which video modules viewers select first and subsequent viewer actions.

engajer works 24/7/365, online or via mobile devices, allowing companies deliver their message to prospects via Web sites, banner ads, and marketing campaigns.

"CRM platforms like Saleforce.com give sales professionals insights and tools to easily manage contacts," said engajer founder and CEO Michael Castellano, in a statement. "With our new CRM integration, we take it a step further, empowering sales professionals to use interactive video to deliver a more personalized experience and better convert those leads into sales. We developed the new CRM integration function in response to customer demand, targeting some of the most widely used CRM apps. We plan to expand it to other CRM apps as customers request them."

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