• November 30, 2010
  • By Koa Beck, Editorial Assistant, CRM magazine

eGain Launches eGain Social Experience Suite

eGain, a provider of cloud and on-site customer interaction hub software, released the next generation of eGain Social Experience Suite, a solution that allows contact center agents and managers to handle inquiries across all traditional and social channels. This new version includes a social-blended agent desktop, integration with Facebook, and a single-sourced knowledge publishing capability for proactive social engagement.

eGain Social Experience Suite is comprised of three offerings:

  • eGain Social: Enables businesses to listen to conversations on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter for customer queries, analyze, route them, and post a response. The solution also includes analytics and the ability to move a potentially explosive social conversation to a more private interaction channel for one-on-one resolution.  The social-blended agent desktop blends queries from Facebook, Twitter, forums, and blogs with queries from traditional customer service channels like phone, email, SMS, chat, and cobrowse. This enables agents to get a 360 degree view of the customer, context, and knowledge for efficiently handling of queries. The solution also includes capabilities for full-cycle knowledge harvesting, single-sourced knowledge publishing across social and traditional channels, and reputation management.
  • eGain Community: Enables businesses to include forums as part of their customer interaction hubs. Forums are especially useful for fostering discussions among expert users. Forum posts can be federated into knowledge base searches, and useful posts harvested for inclusion in the trusted multichannel knowledge base, maintained by the business.
  • eGain Social Adapters: Enables eGain to monitor social networks through integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo search.

Esteban Kolsky, founder of ThinkJar, comments that, "Private interactions channels are one-on-one channels in the eGain suite of interaction management - email, chat, SMS, even the telephone are considered private interaction channels.  Because eGain's solution has access to those channels, and the information from the previous interaction is already recorded in the customer record or interaction record, it is simple to escalate any interaction from public to private and handle it better that way.  In addition it allows to keep records across channels for all interaction and resolutions.  Once it is resolved, the conversation can then be moved back to public channels, if wanted or necessary while keeping track of the follow up data and actions."

Kolsky confirms that eGain Social Experience Suite has access to Twitter's free-access firehouse that provides "the same [information] as all other vendors are processing."

Kolsky also pointed out that in designing social media suites, all companies struggle with the limitations of social media network. "[These companies] can get as much information as is available...Facebook, for example, releases limited amount of information about a potential customer or prospect, but more information for marketing and sales partners.... Having said that, there is little information that is necessary to process an interaction beyond customer identifying information and problem to be resolved - which all social networks provide and all vendors use."

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