• December 13, 2010
  • By Koa Beck, Editorial Assistant, CRM magazine

eGain Introduces All-In-One Search for Customer Self-Service Experience and Multichannel Contact Center

eGain, a provider of cloud and on-site customer interaction hub software, last week released eGain Multisearch, an all-in-one search technology for Web self-service and the multichannel contact center. eGain Multisearch is embedded in the eGain SelfService and eGain KnowledgeAgent products.

Key capabilities of eGain Multisearch include:

  • Multi-access behind a simple search box: eGain Multisearch puts the combined power of several knowledge access methods, including keyword, metadata, natural language and intent-based search, question-matched search, and help guided by case-based reasoning, behind a simple search box. The multifaceted, multipath, blended navigation for answers helps reduce unproductive searches. Where the advanced version of eGain SelfService is implemented, search with a virtual assistant interface is also included as a seamless option.
  • Multi-sourced content: To further increase findability of answers, eGain Multisearch seamlessly federates and presents search results across Web site, contact center, enterprise, community, and social content.
  • Multichannel consistency: The underlying multichannel customer interaction hub platform, eGain OpenCIH, ensures the contact center portion of the federated content is consistent across customer interaction channels.
  • Multi-role access: Access to search methods can be controlled by role or user. For instance, agents that are new or work in highly regulated industries can be made to follow a consistent, compliant search and interactive process.
  • Multi-process expertise: Today’s contact center agents are expected to handle process-intensive customer queries such as product selection, diagnostics, and resolution, contextual cross-sell and up-sell, providing sales quotes, etc., in a way that is compliant with industry regulations and best practices.

Esteban Kolsky, founder of ThinkJar, says an all-in-one search benefits the customer in that it leverages known interfaces and helps with auto-complete, categorizations, and easy navigation. He observes that eGain Multisearch has components similar to Google and LinkedIn.

“One of the problems of today’s solutions (including eGain before the switch) was that all the advanced tools were left to the user to leverage without explanation,” Kolsky says. “This removes that burden from the user interface and makes it easier to conduct the search.”

He adds that “[eGain Multisearch] will not fix the knowledge base and knowledge repositories. As I am fond of saying, automating a bad process simply yields a fast bad process—which in this case means that bad knowledge repositories will be exposed way faster.”

Kolsky praises the virtual assistant interface of eGain Multisearch, admitting the assistant is a chatbot but asserts that customers can assume the former. He also advocates an all-in-in-one search for companies when considering a self-service experience for their customers.

“The all-in-one search is the model I introduced many, many years ago called Customer Interaction Hub,” Kolsky says. “Users should not have to worry about languages, options, tools, or anything like that when they ask a question – just getting an answer. The advent of the social customer (or the new, more empowered customer, if you may) made organizations realize they need to provide better ways for them to engage and get what they need.”

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