Zoho Introduces Zia Voice

Zoho today introduced Zia Voice, a conversational AI for sales teams that brings speech and chat capabilities to the company’s AI-powered sales assistant Zia. The company also introduced new features for Zia as well as Catalyst, a hyper-customization platform for Zoho CRM.

Zia Voice enables salespeople to converse with Zia via chat and voice messages, with the goal of informing and empowering them by answering questions regarding new leads created, average deal revenue, and monthly forecasts.

“[Zia Voice] is important because this is something that customers have been used to for a few years now. They are used to interacting with Siri, they are used to interacting with Alexa, and now we’re bringing this…to the company level,” says Rodrigo Vaca, vice president of marketing at Zoho.

Other Zia updates include lead and deal prediction; email sentiment analysis; and alerts for best time to contact. Zia analyzes interaction patterns and the progress of a lead or deal in the pipeline to determine the probability of its closing, with an eye on ensuring that salespeople spend their time on deals that are more likely to close. Zia also analyzes emails that salespeople receive to determine relevant positive or negative sentiment, with the goal of helping salespeople identify critical emails. And Zia provides salespeople with real-time updates about when they are most likely to reach their prospects in order to increase their chances of connecting with leads and reduce time spent on unanswered calls.

The Catalyst hyper-customization platform has a number of key features. A mobile SDK allows companies to design and build custom mobile apps, and the Mobile Device Manager (MDM) enables them to distribute their custom apps built through Mobile and Web SDRK internally through the MDM network. With serverless computing, companies can use Zoho’s infrastructure to run code without needing to be concerned about physical hardware or servers. Finally, companies can build custom UI components to deliver contextual information from external sources and work in real time with Zoho CRM’s data.

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