Zaius Releases Segment Builder 2.0

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Zaius today launched Segment Builder 2.0, which enables marketers to build customer segments and deliver personalized campaigns across channels with an eye on engineering repeat purchases.

Because Segment Builder is built on top of a “comprehensive” data set, it can “segment on virtually anything a marketer would ever want to segment on,” says Eric Keating, vice president of marketing at Zaius.

“You can create a segment of people who browsed your website on their mobile phone in the last 30 days and have also opened an email in the last two weeks and recently purchased from a specific category of products from your website,” Keating says by way of example. “[We took] the robustness of the data on which you can actually segment customers…and we built a tool on top of it that is as simple as any marketer would expect from a basic segmentation tool. The combination of that simplicity and power, because of the robustness of the data set, really separates the tool from anything else out there.”

Segment Builder 2.0 has four key capabilities. First, it has the ability to segment on multiple sequential customer actions or behaviors. “The core of making that possible is the fact that first and foremost we’re going to give you a true single customer view with all of their interactions across channels,” Keating says. Segment Builder stores data on a range of interactions, including website behavior, email behavior, mobile app behavior, customer support system interactions, etc. “All of that data is put into one single place, so as a marketer if I want to create a segment of people who purchased in the last 30 days, came back to the website twice in the last 30 days, and also then opened a support ticket, that’s something I can do,” Keating says.

Second, the tool can target a single campaign to multiple segments as opposed to creating campaign-specific segments. “Whereas a lot of other systems will have your prebuilt simple segments like ‘my first-time buyers,’ or ‘my loyal customers,’ our system makes it easy to either combine those two into a single segment—‘show me all of my first-time buyers and my loyal customers’—it also gives you the ability when you’re targeting a campaign to select two segments for that target,” Keating explains.

Third, Segment Builder allows users to see the composition and size of segments in real time as they are created. “As you type in new criteria for the segment, it’s going to give you real-time results of how many people match that criteria,” Keating says. “Our goal really is to empower marketers to be more efficient, more creative, more independent, and this is a small feature that goes a long way in helping them do that.”

Finally, the tool includes reporting and analytics features. “Say I’m an apparel retailer and I want to look at everybody who has purchased pants and I want to look at the average order size and average lifetime value just for people who have purchased pants, that’s an example of something that you can do with our segment builder,” Keating explains.

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