YesPath Adds Account Rooms to its Account Engagement Platform

YesPath, maker of an account-based sales and marketing (ABM) platform, has launched Account Rooms, an online workspace designed to streamline the ongoing dialogues between B2B sales teams and their customers. Inspired by collaboration tools like Slack and Asana, the release builds onto YesPath's Account Engagement Platform, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to power content personalization and offer recommendations, while providing users with buyer analytics.

B2B selling can be a laborious and drawn-out process, sometimes requiring the feedback of several decision makers and spanning months of back and forth, says Jason Garoutte, CEO and cofounder of YesPath. And, historically, CRM apps haven't helped reps sell. "At best, they automate repetitive tasks like sending emails." The result is that reps are sending more emails than ever, even though "emails don't win deals," Garoutte says.

Account Rooms aims to speed up time-consuming correspondences, as it serves as a forum through which users can easily discuss and share content, product information, and upcoming plans.

The tool "actually [finds] ways to persuade," Garoutte says. "When YesPath analyzes data about each deal, we can figure out the best action to try next....The rep is still in control, but we're giving them options based on real data."

Among the product's key features include the following:

  • timeline—a chronological display of a project's history and charts for future plans, which aim to help buyers and sellers track their performances and schedules;
  • content management—a gallery view of imported sales and marketing materials that reps can navigate to choose the appropriate pieces to share at the right times;
  • smart recommendations—an algorithm-based tool that draws on CRM data and Account Room behavior to serve up offers that boost customer engagement;
  • engagement analytics—the ability to track customer behavior in relation to the content within Account Rooms and combine it with outside web traffic (from sites, emails, digital ads, and the like) to be shown dashboards, giving users a better look into each of their accounts; and
  • CRM integration—synchronization of engagement data into CRM and marketing automation systems, allowing reps to view recent activity without switching between applications.

The fact that the system is also open to buyers is an advantage, says Garoutte, as it's something that many of the tools available on the market lack. By placing both buyers and sellers into the app together, "we're able to keep deals moving and even eliminate some meetings," Garoutte says.

Garoutte holds that YesPath customers are doubling engagement rates and lifting pipeline by 5 to 15 percent with the Account Engagement Platform. This release, he says, "extends our benefits into the later stages of the buyer's journey, where we're laser-focused on speeding deals."

One early adopter of the product is sales software provider Tactile, whose chief revenue officer, Trevor Templar, said in a statement that YesPath is "bringing modern collaboration to the sales process." Templar continued: "They make it easier for sellers and buyers to work together online, and built-in intelligence keeps everyone moving toward a decision. It's going to reduce meetings and speed deals."

Account Rooms is available for $80 per user a month and includes an unlimited number of rooms and users on the buying end.

In the months ahead, YesPath will be "doubling down on intelligent recommendations," Garoutte says. "Our customers have rallied around this idea of guiding sales reps. It's not just automation to send more emails; it's about finding the moves today that will keep each deal moving forward."

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