Xactly Launches Incent 7.1

Xactly yesterday announced Incent 7.1, enabling users to streamline the compensation management process and use customer data to gather insight to improve sales and business results.

Incent 7.1 includes extended mobile dashboards and a new Plan Illustrator functionality allowing sales professionals to visualize their current and future performance. In addition, the new solution offers improved data integration to Xactly Territories and enhanced workflow capabilities.

"We are continually looking for new ways to help businesses leverage sales intelligence to incent better sales behaviors and improve performance," said Christopher Cabrera, president and CEO of Xactly, in a statement. "The latest version of Xactly Incent puts real-time information in the hands of sales reps and managers, regardless of their location, enabling them to fully understand the impact each deal will have on their own pay-out, as well as the organizations overall goal attainment."

"Sales teams have high interests in how their performance ranks relative to others," adds Evan Ellis, chief operating officer of Xactly. "A management team wants to know how they're doing and where an individual fits in with that team. There is always high interest in being able to look at those reports."

Xactly Incent is the first 100 percent multitenant sales compensation management solution that offers automated sales commission management in the market. "The biggest advantage that we have is the combination of our delivery model along with our product development," Ellis says. "It really changes everything in terms of how we present ourselves to our customers. We are committed to continuing to deliver leading edge compensation management products in a truly multitenant SaaS environment."

According to Ellis, all Xactly customers will "find use" in Incent 7.1. "We have a range of customers of all different industries, from small to large," he explains. "These kinds of features are relevant for all of them. Anybody who is paying a sales team and needs visibility into performance and how they're getting paid will find great use and benefit from these features."

Xactly Incent 7.1 is available now free for current customers. "That is our standard operating procedure," Ellis says. "A customer will come on board, will make use of a certain product module, and as we enhance the product the product, those enhancements are always included in the price that they’re paying."

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