• May 2, 2013

X2CRM Ships Its Latest Release

X2Engine today released X2CRM version 3.0, an open-source sales, marketing, and service application for small businesses.

New in X2CRM 3.0 is a Marketing Action Event Designer that allows marketers to build automated marketing campaigns based on customer behaviors. For example when a customer visits a Web site, marketers can create an automated trigger that sends an alert to the appropriate sales representative, updates the lead score, and sends an automated email to the customer in one workflow.

In addition to Marketing, X2's Quotes module had been enhanced to support line-item-based pricing adjustments and quote level adjustments. Quotes can then be inserted into custom email templates with an embedded tracker so the sales rep can see when his quote email was opened by the customer. Once Quotes are approved by the customer, they can be converted into X2's new Invoices module for billing.

X2CRM's Actions & Activity Feed modules now allow users to add pictures, videos, comments, and broadcast email alerts to users. The Actions module now allows representatives to flip through Action lists and edit and complete items from within the list.

X2CRM allows both sales and marketing professionals to create Web lead capture forms in a graphical form editor. Web lead forms can be versioned, tagged with special attributes, and customized with user-specified colors and font styles. The editor generates special, embeddable HTML that users can paste into their Web sites.

X2CRM's Marketing module allows users to create contact lists, write email promotions, and then send them to selected contacts. All email is trackable, showing if the recipient opened or unsubscribed. Campaigns work with X2CRM's email server or with third-party email applications.

The Newsletter module is both a Web capture and email newsletter generator. With a Web site newsletter sign-up widget, names and email addresses are collected. Newsletters can be written and sent to this newsletter list, and interested recipients can be converted into contacts.

With X2CRM's Web 2.0 user interface design, salesforce professionals can navigate larger contact lists, send email, create product quotations, and manage contacts through custom sales processes workflows.

Included in the Professional edition is a custom report grid and chart builder. Sales and marketing professionals can create, save, and share custom reports from any module in the system, including everything from user activity and lead status to sales pipeline forecasting.

X2Studio is a completely visual customization administration tool that allows administrators to modify any module in the system. This includes adding or removing fields, changing page layouts, and creating completely new modules from scratch, all without any programming knowledge.

"After two and half years of development, and with over 4,500 unique installations across 135 countries, we are incredibly excited to release X2CRM 3.0. With 3.0, now small businesses have the power of both an intelligent marketing automation application combined with a powerful sales force application in one CRM system. By keeping the system compact yet flexible, our goal is for X2CRM to be the fastest sales and marketing application on the planet," said John Roberts, founder of X2Engine, in a statement.

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