Vuzix and APX Labs Collaborate on Smart Glasses Upgrade

Today, video eyewear and smart glasses provider Vuzix and wearable technology specialist APX Labs announced their Future Proof solution, allowing companies to easily deploy the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses and APX Labs' Skylight platform for enterprise wearable technology. Future Proof will also enable enterprises to easily upgrade to the new Vuzix M300 this summer.

Like the M100, the Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses will provide employees with a hands-free digital experience, fostering hands-free work and ease of communication. Equipped with capabilities comparable to a smartphone, the M300 features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for pairing with Android and, new with this upgrade, iOS devices and connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The M300 is an Android-based system and has pre-installed apps for functions such as tracking timed events and managing calendars.

Additionally, a built-in HD camera records, stores, and plays back pictures and videos and doubles as a bar code scanner. A built-in GPS system provides apps with the user’s location, as well as the direction and angle of the user’s current view, and users can access voice, button-press, and touchpad functionality with gesture controls.   

APX's Skylight software brings important information such as work orders, task instructions, and checklists—as well as reference materials, overlay guides, and help videos—to employees using the M300 and is also compatible with Vuzix’s current M100 model. In addition to providing hands-free access to crucial information on the job, Skylight features text and video messaging so that employees can quickly communicate, as well as video calls that promote collaboration by allowing workers to see what their colleagues have in front of them.

Other noteworthy features include a bird’s-eye view of surrounding objects, the ability to operate equipment hands-free, and live feeds to monitor data from systems, sensors, and equipment.

"Skylight is that software solution that's going to enable a diverse ecosystem of smart glasses devices from Vuzix," says Jay Kim, chief strategy officer of APX Labs. "Skylight has a very flexible back-end infrastructure that connects to a variety of different systems, of which mobile devices can be a part."

Paul Travers, president and CEO of Vuzix, echoed Kim's sentiment about the Skylight software in a statement:

"In production use today on our current M100, Skylight is the software application that Enterprise clients rely on for forward and backward compatibility across hardware upgrades, such as the new Vuzix M300, in essence making our clients' current deployments 'Future Proof.'"

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