• August 12, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Voxeo Announces Prophecy 11 and VoiceObjects 11

Voxeo this week released new versions of its Prophecy and VoiceObjects platforms for building speech applications.

Prophecy 11 enables service providers and enterprises to support HD audio phone calls, to migrate their networks to IPv6, and to support fax as another channel of customer interaction.

VoiceObjects 11 allows carriers, service providers, and enterprises to deploy, manage, and analyze applications deployed on up to tens of thousands of ports on globally distributed servers. A single management console can now administer applications, such as interactive voice response (IVR), outbound notification, order tracking, or other customer service actions. These applications can interact with customers using voice, text messaging, instant messaging, or even social networks like Twitter.

"One of the greatest challenges of managing a large-scale application has been ease of app deployment and managing changes," said Voxeo CEO Jonathan Taylor in a statement. "With VoiceObjects 11 you now have a one-click deployment of an application across over 20,000 ports, and you have one-click roll-back if you have any issues. Plus, you have comprehensive reporting across all your servers in a single dashboard."

Other new components of Voxeo VoiceObjects 11 include the following:

  • Virtual Control Center - Central management of VoiceObjects Server clusters across different data centers, providing central control and monitoring and full consistency across all clusters, with full resilience against any connectivity issues (availability, bandwidth or latency related) between those data centers. The data centers can be located across a managed wide area network (WAN), the public Internet or a combination of both.
  • Consolidated Cluster Reporting - When controlling several VoiceObjects clusters through Virtual Control Center, this new feature provides consolidation of VoiceObjects Infostore across those clusters. Comprehensive reports on service usage and performance, caller experience, and success are made available and consolidated in multi-cluster reports.

"Customers want to go in and deploy applications globally with ease," explains Dan York, director of conversations at Voxeo. "With VoiceObjects 11, they can do it across one public network."

According to York, VoiceObjects 11 also features centralized logging and analytics.

Within the latest version of Prophecy, HD audio enables greater accuracy for speech recognition, voice biometrics, and transcription engines, according to York.

"Wideband gives a wider sample size for better quality audio," he explains. "You can hear things better to eliminate recognition errors. Accuracy can now be much higher."

Voxeo Prophecy 11 supports the industry's leading HD audio codecs, including G.722, AMR-Wideband (G.722.2) and Speex.

Prophecy 11 also includes native IPv6 support, allowing any communication application to be deployed into an IPv6 network. "Users can plug directly into their network and begin providing service right away," York notes.

During the past few years, Voxeo has enabled companies to create applications that interact with customers over such channels as voice, text messaging, instant messaging, and social networks like Twitter. With Prophecy 11, Voxeo now adds the ability to receive faxes and send outbound faxes as an additional communication channel using the industry standard T.38 protocol.

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