Vizury Enhances Mobile Marketing and Commerce with Personalized Messaging [Video Interview]

Started in 2008, growth marketing technology company Vizury today has a presence in over 50 countries, and more than 600 clients. The company offers products in three verticals—commerce, finance, and travel—and looks to use Big Data to answer critical questions for marketers.

One of Vizury’s key capabilities is the use of personal marketing messages, which the company uses to help marketers ensure that their products are purchased rather than abandoned. Chetan Kulkarni, CEO and cofounder of Vizury, stopped by CRM magazine’s New York City office to discuss common pain points for marketers today and how his company uses data and technology to make marketing more effective.

When asked what his customers' and prospects' biggest pain points are right now, Kulkarni responded, “So, if you look at the way the marketing departments have transitioned and are continuing to transition, the focus is no longer on generating demand and reaching the target audience. The focus is now on generating business dollars.... So, the pain point we solve is helping businesses grow, and grow efficiently and grow effectively,” Kulkarni said. "Some of the...ways this manifests itself is: How are you able to upsell things to existing clients? How are you able to cross-sell things to existing clients? How are you able to use two different sources of data to generate additional revenue? How are you able to engage in a personalized manner in a one-to-one fashion? How are you able to give out individual discounts?" 

Click on the video below to watch the full interview:

[Video produced by David Myron.]

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