• September 26, 2005
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Verint Unveils Its First Opus Offering

Verint Systems today released the Opus Performance Analytics Solution, the latest version of Opus Suite. The announcement comes less than one month after Verint acquired The Opus Group for $12 million in cash. The new solution is designed to combine process optimization techniques with analytics to improve call center management. One of the most significant additions to the Opus Performance Analytics Solution is the Codas Operational Advisor, a knowledge base of actionable management insights and proven best practices tailored to a customer during implementation. When an operational problem surfaces, Codas draws upon process optimization best practice models to suggest the appropriate action. Other enhancements include a new point-and-click interface to simplify enterprise data integration and new dashboards, reports, and scorecards for enterprise integration. "We're trying to provide a deeper understanding as to why contact centers are not performing up to expectations," says Opus Group CEO Mike Callaghan. "A lot of the analytic tools on the market today identify what is wrong, but that's where they stop. We've embedded into our solution a set of expectations of what business processes should occur to fix these problems." Verint is enhancing its analytic capabilities, according to Mike Schiff, principal analyst and founder of MAS Strategies. "Being able to draw information form multiple sources by going after CRM and ERP solutions are important. It means more intelligence to more people." The release represents the first product announcement since Verint acquired Opus Group on September 2, 2005. Prior to the acquisition, Verint's product suite, ULTRA, had traditionally focused on contact center recording, workforce optimization and training, but had been light on analytics. The acquisition has enabled Verint to shore up its analytics offerings and provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. Opus Group was a privately held company that provided performance analytics for contact centers and back-office operations. Verint has continued that trend with the Opus Performance Analytics Solution, designed to integrate and analyze data from a multitude of CRM and ERP systems. While the Opus Performance Analytics Solution is not yet an integrated part of ULTRA, Callaghan says this release is a step in that direction. "From a vision perspective, we're [Verint and Opus Group] going in the same direction. Our product line is looking to closely link the back and front office together. ULTRA is moving in the same direction. I would absolutely see a combined product suite in the future. When exactly, we're not sure, but it will certainly happen." Paul Stockford, chief analyst at Saddletree Research, says this addition to Verint's product portfolio will enhance the company's ability to bid for customers. "It means they're not getting crossed off the list when it comes to competitive situations with full suite customers. Previously, they would have had to tell a potential customer, 'We'll bring in a partner.' Now they can do this in-house. It brings them into a more competitive position with Witness Systems." Related articles: Verint Systems Buys The Opus Group
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