• June 4, 2010
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Utopy Announces 3 New Speech-Based Solutions

Utopy, a provider of customer intelligence and performance optimization solutions powered by speech analytics, recently launched a trio of new contact center solutions. According to company executives, each of the three new offerings is designed to harness the power of speech analytics to deliver principal insights that will help reduce operating costs while maximizing operational efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Utopy First Call Resolution, Utopy Handle Time Optimization, and Utopy Call Volume Reduction are the latest additions to a portfolio of offerings built on SpeechMiner, Utopy's speech analytics product, for insights, alerts, and recommendations, says Colette Yee, the company's director of strategic marketing. Other recent offerings include Utopy Coaching, Utopy KPI Solutions, Utopy Sales Improvement, and Utopy Collections Optimization — and Yee insists Utopy's not finished yet. "We plan to release a couple more soon," she says.

"These new and exciting solutions will help today's leading businesses achieve critical objectives by enhancing the operational capacity of its contact centers through [key performance indicator] improvements," said Roy Twersky, Utopy's president and chief executive officer, in a statement. "These solutions will provide our customers with an expansive toolset that can be leveraged to streamline successes across the entire enterprise -- from productivity and cost reduction to customer satisfaction and revenue growth."

By analyzing the entirety of every interaction, Utopy First Call Resolution detects any indications of repeat calls within the conversation. It also integrates all available caller identifiers and correlates that information with the actual conversation content. The result flags the call as either an initial or repeat contact for that customer regarding each particular issue.

The solution then correlates repeat calls with call reasons, agents, products, processes, and customers to discover any identifiable drivers. Dashboards, alerts, and reports within the solution proactively notify the organization of these root causes and recommend actions to improve first-call resolution. For repeat calls that appear to be caused by gaps in agent knowledge or skills, Utopy Coaching facilitates targeted coaching on the particular topic for which deficiencies are identified.

Utopy Handle Time Optimization automatically measures handle time by call reason, agent, product, and process; determines why customers are calling; detects which types of calls use the most resources; uncovers policies and processes that are driving handle time; discovers opportunities to reduce the duration of those calls; and recommends targeted programs to reduce the handle time without damaging customer satisfaction. As an example, according to figures provided by Utopy, one leading outsourcer used the solution to decrease average call handling time by 10 percent, resulting in $5 million in annual savings.

To identify call-volume-reduction opportunities, organizations must first understand customers' reasons for calling. Utopy Call Volume Reduction automatically classifies each call; discovers root causes of unnecessary calls, such as those that could have been handled by self-service applications, or those caused by a suboptimal product feature or business process; makes the business case for changes to products, processes, and self-service applications; and tracks the success of these changes over time.

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