UserTesting Launches Product Insight

UserTesting today launched Product Insight, an application that aims to empower product development teams to build better products by incorporating rapid customer feedback into each phase of the development process.

Built on top of the UserTesting platform, Product Insight has three key capabilities: Quick Answer tests, same-day video interviews, and built-in help via live chat. Designed by UserTesting research professionals, Quick Answers are research tests that have been preformatted to answer common product questions such as concept validation and feature prioritization. The Quick Answer test results are automatically analyzed, allowing product managers to see results at a glance.

The Live Conversation feature enables same-day video interviews with customers; with this tool, users can target, recruit, and schedule live one-on-one interviews with customers in a matter of hours. “What Live Conversation does is simply with a click of a button you go in and say, ‘This is my availability,’ and then we match that with the target customer you’re looking for, and usually within a few hours you can hop online and talk with the person,” says Michelle Huff, chief marketing officer at UserTesting.

Finally, Product Insight provides on-demand access to research pros via a built-in live chat function, allowing users to connect with experts for advice.

“One of the things that we’ve seen—and what we’re doing with Product Insight—is a ton of our customers over the years have been using our platform to make all these different decisions and do research, and there’s been such a demand and need to allow all the different teams to have better access to customers and do this type of research,” Huff says. “We see strong demand for empowering the different teams, but doing it in a way that has more guardrails, that’s more guided. That’s really among the trends that we’re seeing: allowing research across all the different organizations and getting fast feedback from customers.”

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