Tipalti Announces Integration with LinkTrust

Payment automation platform Tipalti today announced a new integration with LinkTrust, a provider of digital marketing tracking solutions. The combined solution brings together Tipalti’s automated global partner payment features and LinkTrust's real-time advertisement tracking capabilities with the goal of providing a solution for clients that streamlines the process of measuring, managing, and making payments.

Tipalti’s cloud-based payment management platform manages processes such as payee on-boarding and vetting, tax and regulatory compliance, and global payments; LinkTrust provides users with ad tracking, affiliate management, and lead distribution capabilities in a single platform. According to Tipalti, the integration bolsters both companies' presence in the ad tech space.

"Part of the reason that this partnership happened is that Tipalti is really strong in the ad tech space—we've got some of the largest players in ad tech using us, people like Twitter, Amazon, and other large companies, as well as many of the start-ups in the space. LinkTrust also has that similar customer base, so part of the reason we both decided to make this investment is because we share those types of customers....This is a really critical space for both of us," says Rob Israch, CMO at Tipalti.

The integration offers three key features. First, it looks to provide a seamless marketing performance-to-payment workflow for LinkTrust customers. Second, it enables LinkTrust customers to pay partners in more than 190 countries, using six different payment methods and more than 120 currencies, while simultaneously providing partner on-boarding support and payment status communications. Third, it looks to deliver complete visibility into marketing performance results for LinkTrust affiliates.

"Through the integration, the affiliates and the partners who are using LinkTrust will have really trustworthy visibility into their results…most importantly, they'll get paid and they'll trust that they got paid the right amount of money," Israch says. "It's all around the payment experience—being able to provide visibility into payment history, invoice history, getting the payment method they prefer, the currency they prefer. [The integration] strengthens the ability to attract and retain your top partners for your digital media network."

According to Israch, the integration offers two major benefits. "One is efficiency from the digital media network's perspective, that now they can pay out in mass at scale in a really streamlined process that's also integrated with their whole performance marketing analytics process, and secondly delivering a superior payment experience to their partners…not just in the U.S., but around the world," he says.

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