• August 20, 2007
  • By Marshall Lager, founder and managing principal, Third Idea Consulting; contributor, CRM magazine

The TAS Group Livens Up Its Selection

The TAS Group, a provider of training and software for sales performance improvement, today announced TAS Select Live!, a subscription service composed of four elements intended to help generate revenue growth for sales organizations. TAS Select Live! is built around the Target Account Selling methodology that gives the company its name and its Dealmaker software platform. In all, subscribers to TAS Select Live! receive access to:
  • sales process optimization to develop an approach that guides the sales team through the right steps to complete a sale;
  • the Target Account Selling sales methodology to teach how, while achieving the sale, to simultaneously deliver value to the customer;
  • the Dealmaker software platform to facilitate easy adoption and continuous usage of the sales process and methodology at an individual and corporate level; and
  • ongoing performance-metric insight for continued sales effectiveness optimization.
According to the company, TAS Select Live! is a complete, self-contained enterprise sales effectiveness solution that can also be integrated with Salesforce.com, Oracle's Siebel CRM, Microsoft CRM, or any other SOA-compliant CRM system. The cost of the product starts at $40 per user per month, based on a 500-user subscription. "Sales effectiveness solutions should deliver both immediate and sustained revenue growth," said Donal Daly, chief executive officer of The TAS Group, in a statement. "TAS Select Live! provides just that--a long-term, lasting impact, not just a short-term quick fix. The subscription nature of the TAS Select Live! service embodies a long-term partnership between The TAS Group and our customers via the continued value we add through sustaining technology and supporting services. Helping the sales team perform isn't a one-time event--it's an ongoing commitment to a company's success--and that's what TAS Select Live! represents." The launch of TAS Select Live! is an important step for the company, though it combines portions of its existing practice into a single offering, says Dave Stein, founder and CEO of ES Research Group, a sales effectiveness research firm. "What they're announcing is something they've been doing for a while, but now it's a packaged solution of four parts," Stein says. "We recognize Dealmaker as one of the leading products salespeople embrace to improve effectiveness, and providing it alongside sales process optimization, TAS methodology, and now the coaching and ongoing support is precisely what the market needs." Related articles:
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