• July 16, 2013

TeamSupport.com Introduces Ticket Collision Feature

TeamSupport.com, a provider of software for customer support and help desk teams, has introduced a new feature that prevents ticket collision from happening.

Now when customer service reps address a customer issue, TeamSupport's software allows them, in real time, to see who else on the team or within the company is working on the same ticket at the same time—whether within the help desk or in the software engineering department or other employees in between. An internal Chat feature attached to the ticket allows employees to engage in a discussion about the customer's issue, the proposed resolution, and any other information related to the ticket.

By enhancing internal collaboration specific to each individual ticket, companies can do the following:

  • Contradictory responses to the same customer are greatly reduced or eliminated;
  • Companies reduce inefficiency by preventing multiple people from working on the same tickets in isolation; and
  • Customer issues are resolved faster.

"In a high-volume service environment where multiple teams are involved in serving customers, it's not uncommon for the right hand not to know what the left hand is doing, and customers often are on the receiving end of this confusion," saidRobert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, in a statement. "When customers receive conflicting information or multiple responses, it wastes time and does not evoke a lot of confidence in the help being given."

TeamSupport's new ticket collision features offer the following:

  • A Real-time Ticket View: Now users can easily see and chat internally with others who are looking at the same ticket. Clicking on their name will allow you to chat with them right there in the event you need to collaborate in real-time about the ticket.
  • Real-time Ticket Updates: Now, no matter who makes a change to a customer help ticket, the new information automatically updates on the ticket in real time for all users to see. This ensures that all members of a support team are seeing the most current, accurate and up-to-date information and notes for each ticket.

"The addition of these newest features, designed to prevent ‘ticket collision’ and duplication of effort, help companies communicate more effectively than ever, ensuring that customers receive a seamless experience and the fastest possible response to their issues," Johnson said in the statement.

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