• December 9, 2010

TeamSupport.com Announces New Release

TeamSupport.com, a provider of software-as-a-service-based customer service and help desk tools, earlier this month released a new version of its software, incorporating many new customer-focused capabilities and enhancements.

Among the new features and capabilities added to the Fall 2010 release are the following:

  • Family Tickets permit users to associate support tickets with one another, either as "related" by similarities or common factors, or in more complex "parent/child" relationships where changes to the primary ticket are replicated to all subordinate records.
  • Tagging gives TeamSupport users the ability to organize tickets with user-defined tags, providing an easy, ad-hoc method to organize and quickly access relevant ticket data.
  • Ticket Queue lets individual TeamSupport users prioritize, organize and structure their workloads; supervisors a tool to manage the achievement of team objectives.
  • Inventory is a straightforward module that helps businesses track and manage their physical assets, e.g., equipment consigned to and installed within a client's facility.
  •  Email Templates provides users with tools to fully customize TeamSupport generated outbound emails with their own unique branding artwork and boilerplate text.
  • Email Routing creates multiple email drop-boxes to automatically route inbound messages, based on how each is addressed, to the appropriate department for action.

"We listen to our customers, so these new features and usability enhancements are the direct result of their 'hands-on' feedback," said Robert Johnson, president of TeamSupport parent Muroc Systems. "Our development staff is committed to providing our end users with practical, operator-friendly tools to facilitate growth and success in their businesses. TeamSupport was created to meet the need for better communication between manufacturers, their customers, and key client-facing teams within their organizations, as well as to enhance overall communications. And that ultimately translates into happier customers and a better product,” he concluded.

Used by customer support and corporate help desks worldwide, TeamSupport is scalable from a simple help-desk application to a 100-plus seat enterprise-wide customer support and product defect tracking system.

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