Sybase 365 Launches Updated Business Intelligence Service for Mobile Operators

Sybase 365, a subsidiary of the SAP company Sybase, which specializes in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, has unveiled the latest version of its hosted business intelligence service for mobile messages, Sybase Operational Reporting 2.0. Powered by the company's column-based analytics server, Operational Reporting 2.0 helps Sybase customers gain deeper insight into traffic trends, customer analysis, and more.

Sybase 365's latest reporting tool provides a series of reports on message traffic, network utilization, performance indicators, quality of service testing, customer analysis, trend analysis, and transit time. By performing advanced analytics on the message traffic they send across the Sybase 365 global network, mobile operators can monitor key network components in order to adjust their network to accommodate traffic spikes as well as view performance trends, analyze system history, and track error messages.

The new features include the ability to segment message traffic and customer usage trends by country; review message trends within a configurable period of time, and apply filters to message delivery and transit times.

"Sybase Operational Reporting 2.0 addresses the growing need among mobile operators for greater visibility into their network and inter-operator messaging traffic," said Greg Dunn, vice president of product management at Sybase 365, in a statement. "Sybase 365 is in a unique position to provide mobile operators intelligence related to their core business processes outside their company firewall, which enables them to make informed decisions that improve their business operations."

The service is being rolled out across North America, Latin America, and select Asian-Pacific and European mobile operators. Sybase 365 customers include Citibank, Dove, Twentieth Century Fox, and Volvo.

Last year, global mobile data traffic was more than eight times greater than the total global Internet traffic in 2000, according to a report from software and communications company Cisco. The report also predicts that the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on earth by the end of 2012.

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