Swiftpage Launches Act! Growth Suite

Swiftpage today launched the Act! Growth Suite, an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). By bringing together sales and marketing in a single platform, the solution aims to provide SMBs with all the tools they need to successfully build relationships, maximize engagement, and drive business growth.

“What we’ve done here with the Growth Suite is brought to market a combined sales and marketing platform specifically built for small businesses at a price point and a level of functionality and value that you’re not finding in the market amongst our competitors at this point,” says Joe Greenspan, vice president of commercial operations at Swiftpage.

The solution offers a number of features, including customer management, which aims to simplify interactions with customers and prospects with quick, organized access to information. More specifically, users can find information such as contact details, emails, notes, and history in a single customer console.

Marketing automation is another key feature; these capabilities provide users with comprehensive campaign management, a visual workflow designer for mapping out customer journeys, and real-time response metrics.

Additional features include sales pipeline management, actionable insights, and app integrations. A simple drag-and-drop sales pipeline management tool allows users to capture the details of a sales opportunity and progress deals through the sales process. An insight customizable insight console includes a variety of individual, team, and business performance metrics. Finally, users can extend the solution with the Act! Connect app marketplace, which includes apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and Shopify.

“Small businesses use either very informal systems or they’re using a number of disparate systems across sales, marketing, and customer management that don’t talk to each other, don’t work together, don’t share data, and ultimately don’t provide the kind of roll-up insights that you get from having it combined in an all-in-one platform,” Greenspan says. “Using the same platform for sales, marketing, customer management, etc., allows those kinds of insights to bubble up and be actionable to the user in real time. For example, a salesperson can take real-time marketing response data and reach out to a customer who may have engaged very recently with an email or a landing page or a website without having to share information between different applications, which often doesn’t happen at all and, if it does, requires a cumbersome process to import and extract data and then glean insights from it.”

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