Swiftpage Announces Act! 365 Pro

Swiftpage today announced a new product tier in its Act! 365 platform: Act! 365 Pro, which provides customer management, sales acceleration, and email marketing capabilities for small businesses.

“The Act! 365 platform is geared towards the smaller end of the SMB market…the single person company up to the fifteen- or twenty-person company,” says H. John Oechsle, CEO at Swiftpage. “If you look at what they’re really needing, [it] is a very light, easy, simple platform to handle managing their customers, managing their sales pipeline, and then some very light marketing automation tools. That’s what the 365 platform is geared towards doing, and it integrates into some of their other productivity tools. The Pro tier is just a little bit more sophisticated, but still fits into that one- to 15- or 20-person company.”

Both Act! 365 and Act! 365 Pro have customer management that allows users to manage information about customers, prospects, and leads, “all the company information, contact information, every single interaction that you have with them is captured inside,” Oechsle says. “[But] the ability to have KPIs and dashboards and insight tools that can pull that information out is in the 365 Pro tier.”

In terms of sales acceleration, users can manage information related to their deals, including status, value, progress, and expected close, through an opportunity view. The Act! 365 Pro tier allows users to enable email-open and click tracking in Microsoft Outlook. “In the 365 platform we have the ability to capture opportunities, manage your pipeline, and those types of things. What we’ve added in the 365 Pro tier is the ability to go out and really interact with your customers around sales. It’s about sending out different messages and interactions based upon the different stages you’re in in managing your pipeline. It’s also about going a little bit further and being able to place web forms on landing pages and on your website to capture information and interactions,” Oechsle explains.

As for email marketing, users can execute email campaigns using prebuilt templates or create custom ones with a built-in editor. They can also use customer data to optimize their efforts. “It’s available on both 365 and 365 Pro and is a full-featured email marketing set of tools. It has an editor where you can build your own templates, an enormous amount of canned templates and campaigns provided for you; it gives you information and insight about how many people are opening, clicking, and what they’re doing with it; and has a whole set of KPIs and dashboards that you can look at. It’s a full-featured email marketing set of tools embedded right into Act! 365. You get customer management, sales and pipeline management, integrations, and full-featured email marketing,” Oechsle says.

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