SugarCRM Users Get New Reporting Features via Atcore Systems and LogiXML Partnership

LogiXML, a provider of Web-based business intelligence software, announced a new partnership with Atcore Systems, a software consulting and implementation firm, bringing advanced reporting, data visualization, and analytics capabilities to SugarCRM.

The new integration includes enhancements that enable users to perform an in-depth analysis of customer data, and to produce and distribute dashboards and reports that combine data from multiple sources.

Users also get more chart options and flexibility when reviewing charts. Users, for example, can now create forecasting and trend analysis reports as well as custom metrics and charts that can be added to a dashboard for a unified view.

One of the key aspects to this integration, according to Steven Schneider, vice president of sales and business development at LogiXML, is that the dashboard and the reporting and analytic features are embedded in the SugarCRM framework. "The end users aren't going out to a separate application, which could have a separate look and feel," notes Schneider. "They [the added features] are embedded and have inherited all the security from Sugar CRM...which can help drive user adoption and ease the learning curve."

LogiXML's technology is also a time-saver, adds Steven Kasinetz, chief technology officer at Atcore Systems. "Currently in SugarCRM, if you want to look at your sales data by product, that's one report; if you want to look at it by month, that's another report you have to create. With an analysis grid, we can give users the ability to slice and dice data in real time, without having to build a data warehouse, which can take months."

For small businesses and nonprofits, which are SugarCRM's target customers, the new integration provides them with an added advantage, according to Kasinetz and Schneider.

"For people who are frustrated with the out-of-the-box reporting that doesn't meet their needs," Schneider notes, "this enables a fairly quick way to get a much more robust dashboard and analytics reporting module that's going to extend your capabilities dramatically."

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