• June 27, 2012

Squirro Delivers a Complete 360 Degree Customer View

Squirro, a digital research assistant designed for business, is available today for sales intelligence to deliver relevant, current, and contextual information surrounding a particular topic of interest, including contacts and companies.

Using automated curation intelligence, Squirro scans multiple sources from Internet channels, social media, contacts, private databases, and internal business systems, to gather related information and updates it continually. As a result, Squirro creates a living collection of content, providing real context to information needed for more efficient and insightful market research, competitive analysis, lead generation, prospecting, and relationship building.

Squirro provides value to sales and marketing organizations through the following:

  • Automated news and social media curation and delivery: Simply input a new lead or contact and Squirro will find and deliver all relevant news and information. Or create topics of interest about companies, competitors, and pertinent subjects and receive a steady stream of fresh content without the need to search time and again for updated information.
  • Organization according to account, contact, or topic of interest: All news and content is displayed within the designated contact record, account record, or subject folder, offering a 360-degree view of each customer and prospect opportunity. Personalized daily email digests provide updates relevant to each sales rep's current leads, key accounts, and upcoming appointments.
  • Integration with the most popular business and social apps, including Salesforce, Highrise, Confluence, SAP, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: Users can work in a single stand-alone application or embedded in their favorite business application, while discovering trends, tracking competitors, and monitoring and engaging prospects, thereby gaining true context around disparate data. Through the automatic delivery of such content within the CRM system on which sales reps rely every day, CRM value and usage increases exponentially.

Squirro gives sales and marketing users more efficient ways to harvest:

  • Sales intelligence: Have the most up-to-date info about prospects ready for contact, calls or meetings at any time.
  • Market intelligence: Follow topics to better pinpoint trends in an industry or category or find the whitespace to fill an unmet need for new products.
  • Customer intelligence: Read news about customers and their interests and identify potential areas for opportunity.
  • Competitive intelligence: Track their product development, media mindshare and the strategies they're promoting.

This initial Squirro release is focused on sales and marketing. Broader application integration, industry-specific sources, and additional social features will roll out later in the year.

Squirro for sales and marketing is available today with a 30-day free trial and a clear-cut pricing structure. Squirro has been beta tested by dozens of companies and organizations for sales and marketing intelligence, in businesses ranging from financial services organizations to IT providers.

Dr. Dorian Selz, co-founder and CEO of Squirro, says: "Because our team is truly focused on how businesses can better harvest information to improve productivity and revenue generation, we knew we wanted to start with sales and marketing intelligence. Squirro breaks through today's information insanity to give sales and marketing teams the real-time context, intelligence, and 360-degree customer view they need to engage with and win customers."

Paul Simbeck-Hampson, founder of simbeckhampson.com, was an early adopter. "Squirro is great! It's easy to implement, simple to use, and saves time when viewing client or prospect records. One of the key highlights is the daily digest email, which provides relevant content based on upcoming appointments. Squirro helps our clients increase Salesforce usage by delivering quality data at the point of need. Prices are affordable and support has been first class."

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