• July 24, 2020
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Sprinklr Adds More Than 750 Features Across Its CXM Line

Sprinklr has added more than 750 new capabilities across the five products on the Sprinklr CXM platform. The company is hailing this as the biggest product release in its 11-year history.

The enhancements are included in Modern Marketing, Modern Advertising, Modern Research, Modern Care, and Modern Engagement.

Modern Marketing now includes a refined Campaign Details Pane that helps users search for and sort tasks and comments across messages, campaigns, and sub-campaigns. The new Product Dashboard table brings predictive search, column-level actions, multi-level sorting, quick keyboard navigation, and keyboard cut and paste.

"We put more flow and less work into marketing workflows, helping you collaborate and get through your daily tasks faster," Pavitar Singh, chief technology officer at Sprinklr, explained in a blog post. "Accessing your campaign details and properties and converting your to-dos to got-dones is now more seamless than ever."

Sprinklr Modern Advertising has received a new Ads Manager with workflow improvements and a reorganization of content, eliminating the need for traveling between tabs or going down a multi-level campaign hole. Users can locate ads quicker, duplicate campaigns, ads or ad sets faster, edit ads, and use keyboard shortcuts, according to Singh.

A new Strategy Groups feature lets users assign predefined strategy groups to campaigns from the Ads Composer or Ads Manager and includes capabilities like Smart Budget Allocation, Smart Bidding, Pacing Groups, and more.

Sprinklr Modern Research has been upgraded with a new Smart Themes Explorer, powered by artificial intelligence. Users can discover top themes automatically synthesized from conversations, including underlying conversations, sentiments, shifts, and trends, and dive into clusters to get more context and find actionable insights. And with the new Smart Alerts on Themes feature, users can receive proactive alerts about brands, executives, products, and customer experience and leverage best practice crisis frameworks to monitor, be alerted, and report potential crisis events using the Alerts Manager, Singh said.

Sprinklr Modern Engagement is gaining Shoppable Stores functionality that will allow users to turn social media into a revenue driver by creating and managing immersive storefronts where customers can explore products and then link these storefronts to their Instagram accounts. Users can also measure the impact of social on sales through reporting dashboards. 

With Period-Over-Period Reporting, users can analyze and compare campaign performance against previous periods. The performance for both time periods will show in a single widget.

With Embeddable Presentations, users can add presentations on their websites and leverage Presentation Live Data technology across more channels. A new share option, Embed, provides an iframe code and lists parameters that users can apply.

A new Omnichannel Bot Protocol lets users enable any external third-party bot to communicate with customers on any of Sprinklr's more than 10 Modern Messaging channels, including Twitter, WhatsApp, and Sprinklr LiveChat.

"This is just a sampling of the hundreds of new features we're releasing," Singh boasted.

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