Sonobi and LiveRamp Announce Partnership

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Adtech developer Sonobi and identity resolution provider LiveRamp today announced a partnership for LiveRamp IdentityLink customers that enables brands and agencies to build media packages using people-based audiences, composed of signed-in users, across Sonobi’s JetStream addressable media marketplace. The alliance aims to provide marketers with a one-stop data activation platform for delivering messaging based on consumers’ interests.

“To date, the CRM has been a place to store data and then ship that data to various places for activation. This partnership improves the capability of the CRM to include the discovery and activation of that data across the world's most premium media brands,” says Michael Connolly, CEO at Sonobi.

The partnership provides marketers with greater visibility into where their customers and prospects consume premium media content on digital publishers. Additionally, it gives them direct control over building deal IDs—unique numbers used to match buyers and sellers of programmatic media. Overall, the partnership aims to help brands have more relevant digital engagement with customers.

“Sonobi has a forecasting and planning engine that understands the visitation patterns of an individual user across the open web. Through our integration with LiveRamp, we can give their clients a complete understanding of how to best find their consumers,” Connolly says.

“The process of building deal IDs is time consuming and inefficient. This partnership allows the end user to create deal IDs with one click, and flexibility on how to traffic those deals,” he adds.

According to the press release, there is a disconnect between CRM systems and programmatic media planning: Because programmatic media tends to be buried in media buying stacks, it has a long journey before impacting an actual media buy. By connecting CRM databases directly to media companies with high-quality inventory, the partnership aims to reduce the length of this journey. Additionally, it aims to help marketers better forecast while media planning and provide them with greater control over how their advertising messaging is distributed across all desired media properties.

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