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NetSuite today launched NetSuite CRM+, a hosted CRM application that integrates order management, partner management, incentive management, and project tracking to give businesses a full view all customer interactions across channels. The solution, available in June, also offers eCRM, which includes Web-site hosting, Web analytics, customer and partner portals, and partner management. CRM+ is $129 per user, per month. Incentive management, advanced site builder, and Web analytics are available as modules at an additional cost of $199 per month per module (not per user). "The problem with CRM is there's no C in it," NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson says. The new offering provides "all the stuff people thought were there that aren't, [like] order management, upsell, cross-sell, [and] Web analytics. It takes traditional ERP technology and puts in a standalone CRM product." Potential buyers can automate the entire customer life cycle when they're just browsing the NetSuite site. Once they become customers, a self-service portal allows them to see their outstanding quotes, reorder products and services, and view a complete service history. Partner self-service portals enable lead sharing and registration, and the ability to act as the front line when it comes to providing support and services for joint customers. "PRM is going to be a huge piece of this puzzle for us," Nelson says. "We have to push it much more aggressively. Give the partner the same level of functionality as internal reps and what they want to get back is visibility. Our fundamental architecture says you can give anyone the ability to view whatever you want them to." Sheryl Kingstone, industry analyst and program manager for Yankee Group, cautions that when weighing NetSuite and Salesforce.com, companies must look at their internal needs. "NetSuite hands down has broader functionality; Salesforce brings a lot of other things to the table:...a very large customer base and partnership ecosystem, and a very strong customization and integration platforms. It's not a feature-function war." CRM+ enables companies to test certain pieces, instead of having to buy an entire suite. According to Kingstone, that--not all or nothing--is what businesses want, and although NetSuite's homegrown analytics are not as sophisticated as a third-party vendor like Omniture or WebTrends, they provide some easy to understand, integrated tools for smaller companies just starting to move into analyzing customer behavior, allowing them a needed growth path. "Smaller companies will continue to buy NetSuite because they want the front and back office. Larger companies want the extras," Nelson says. "There's only one thing you can't do with Salesforce.com--that's sell anything. NetSuite CRM [lets] you...actually take orders." NetSuite's pricing structure enables companies to add on the extras based on their needs, which is a smart move, according to Sheryl Kingstone, industry analyst and program manager for Yankee Group. "There's not tons of new functionality, but they pack it based on need," she says. "It's all about meeting customer needs." Related articles:
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