Skuid Announces New Platform Enhancements

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Skuid today announced Spark, a set of new enhancements—including Private Data Service, Data Source Types, Ink Components, Design System Studio, Native Mobile, and App Templates—for its no-code cloud application platform.

Private Data Service bridges on-premises and private-cloud data sources, allowing users to access their secure information without the information leaving the private network. When a Skuid app accesses the Private Data Service, only the data necessary for a particular user action is accessed, and it is delivered directly to the user’s browser from the authenticated data source within the secure network. In this way, high-security enterprises can use the Skuid platform to build web and mobile apps without compromising privacy.

With Data Source Types, Skuid provides access to enterprise databases including Redshift, Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle. The Spark release aims to enable enterprises to break down data silos and incorporate new databases into what the press release calls “a 360-degree, single-pane view of the business.”

Ink Components, including tables, decks, charts, buttons, filters, and forms, have been redesigned to deliver accessibility compliance, complete style customization, and advanced declarative configuration options. The Spark release also sees the introduction of new components, including lists, sliders, switches, accordions, KPI tiles, feedback blocks, and toast messages.

Design System Studio enables users to create design systems and deploy them across Skuid apps with a single click, without needing to write any code. It aims to provide users with complete control over branding, theming, and styling of specific application components—users can choose their own fonts, colors, sizes, padding, and spacing for nearly anything where code would ordinarily be required.

Native Mobile aims to provide users with a richer experience for designing mobile apps. Users can build custom hybrid (web/native) mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. Additionally, Native Mobile can leverage location services, mapping, and push notifications.

Finally, with App Templates, users no longer have to start from scratch when building their apps. Rather, they can take advantage of a number of ready-made ones, including sales-related apps (CPQ; sales force automation; products and pricing portals; inside sales; partner/customer portals; and opportunity management) and HCM-related apps (recruitment and applicant tracking; HR management; online learning; employee portals; and surveys).

“Skuid uniquely provides an enterprise-scale design, develop, deploy model for web and mobile application development. Skuid’s new release raises the bar for a strategic layer in IT technology stacks to give application developers unprecedented power to rapidly develop and iterate on custom web and mobile applications with a myriad of data sources,” says Mike Duensing, CTO at Skuid.

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