• April 19, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Sitecore Releases the Customer Engagement Platform

Sitecore, a provider of Web content management solutions, today unveiled the Customer Engagement Platform, which will allow organizations to manage the full customer experience across channels.

The Customer Engagement Platform, which is geared toward midsized and large business-to-business and business-to-consumer firms, will allow users to pull their Web, email, and social media reporting into one dashboard and personalize content across their entire site and via email. The Customer Engagement Platform also enables companies to engage in meaningful one-on-one conversations with their audiences, proactively moving conversations forward to impact real business results while at the same time allowing marketers to integrate all channels, including Web content management, email campaigns, analytics and the CRM system.

Darren Guarnaccia, senior vice president of product marketing at Sitecore, says the new product suite "expands to all channels—online, digital, and offline—so it all flows seamlessly across customer channels."

The Customer Engagement Platform combines three new integrated products: Engagement Analytics, Engagement Automation, and the Personalization and Experience Editor. 

Engagement Analytics is designed for marketers and business people to understand which online investments are paying off. It measures, visualizes, and compares all initiatives and online campaigns, quickly showing their impact in creating brand awareness, engagement, and quality prospects.

According to Guarnaccia, Engagement Analytics goes beyond Web analytics, which only report the number of clicks a particular site or link receives. "What we focus on is qualitative, how good versus how many," he says. "It lets you understand, based on every dollar you spend, how good the engagements were. Realizing that certain channels are yielding better results, you can realign your marketing spending based on that."

Sitecore's Engagement Automation software integrates with multiple marketing channels and orchestrates events across time and visits. "It's about learning about the customer and sharing that with the CRM system so the customer service representative has all my data when I call into the contact center," Guarnaccia says. "It gives the ability to quarterback how the customer interacts with you."

The Personalization and Experience Editor features an intuitive interface that allows consistent content creation and auto-association with established personas. Editors can control testing of whole pages, specific text, or any media items, such as images and videos. 

"We're really going from content management to full experience management," Guarnaccio explains. "You can manage what appears on [Web] pages and alter it for personalization. You can design it out so it shows the right content to the right person in the right place and time based on his behavior and things that happen in the CRM system."

Sitecore released a preview of the Customer Engagement Platform in Boston today, and will make the final product available at its annual Dreamcore Developer and Partner Conference in London in June.

"This is not an evolution, it is a revolution," said Michael Seifert, CEO of Sitecore, in a statement. "Our customers can achieve results that were otherwise not possible before. Moreover, they will be so much better informed on which marketing and outreach initiatives are bringing value to their organizations and customers."

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