Salesfusion Updates Its Account-Based Marketing Solution

Salesfusion has updated its account-based marketing solution to help B2B marketers in either of two situations: those whose companies have an established process for compiling lists of target accounts but need to streamline that process, and those whose companies struggle to determine which accounts to target.  

Marketers in the first scenario, who have identified which accounts they want to target, can now tag those companies, with the goal of creating campaigns and reporting results for those accounts more efficiently. Furthermore, the solution features a global dashboard so marketers can view key account activity, which also serves to streamline the targeting process.

"In its simplest form, account-based marketing is taking a targeted approach to naming the key accounts that you want to go after to target your marketing effort," says Malinda Wilkinson, chief marketing officer at Salesfusion. "We looked at some new ways to help our customers approach it differently. In one case, you have people who have a defined set of key accounts, maybe their top 100 accounts that they want to go after, and in that case we've made it so people can easily designate who their key accounts are. They are able to literally star those in the system so that they can run their campaigns, their reporting, and really focus a lot of their efforts on those targeted accounts."

For companies unsure about which accounts to target, Salesfusion can delivers alerts to marketers identifying the accounts that are most engaged, using a proprietary algorithm to calculate engagement; companies can then reach out to those accounts.

"We've provided a way for them to easily identify and see the accounts that are really engaging with them," Wilkinson says. "The accounts that we suggest they focus on would make sense for them to take a closer look at based on their [the accounts'] level of activity."

These two solutions can also be used in tandem, Wilkinson adds. "It's not an either/or. Our client DecisionLink was one that made us look at this differently. They have built a pyramid approach to the accounts that they're targeting, and it starts off with strategic top accounts—the top 100 that they're going after—[and goes] all the way down to the broader target audiences that they could solve a need for. They want to be able to designate those top 100 accounts and run campaigns that are focused on those key accounts, but they also wanted a way to identify the other accounts that they should be considering," she says.

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