• March 15, 2012

Salesforce.com Expands With Salesforce Rypple and Salesforce Site.com

Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company , today announced Salesforce Rypple and Salesforce Site.com, two new products that extend the social enterprise to reach every employee and every customer.

The next generation of the social enterprise leverages salesforce.com's social, mobile, and open cloud technologies to develop social profiles of customers, create employee and customer social networks, and connect with public social networks. Salesforce Rypple will enable companies to engage and align people and teams with social performance management, extending the employee social network to reach every employee. Salesforce Site.com delivers a consistent brand experience to every customer by empowering marketers to deliver fresh, relevant content across Web sites, portals, landing pages, and public social networks.

Salesforce.com is seeing unstoppable demand for the social enterprise as companies see their customers and employees become more social and mobile by the day," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com. "With Salesforce Rypple and Salesforce Site.com, we're excited that companies will now be able to extend their social enterprise to reach every employee and every customer."

Salesforce Rypple focuses on the inherently social nature of performance management. It allows companies to engage and align every employee to set goals, manage objectives, and provide feedback and recognition, all from within their employee social networks. Designed for users, Salesforce Rypple incorporates badges and other social gaming concepts to keep them engaged.

Thousands of companies, including Facebook, LivingSocial, and Spotify, are already using Salesforce Rypple's Web-based social performance management apps to liberate performance management from a once-a-year, top-down process and integrate them into daily work, where they can finally make a meaningful impact on performance.

Today, just six weeks after closing its acquisition of Rypple, salesforce.com is unveiling strategic integrations that will enable Salesforce customers to power the future of their employee social networks. The integrations available will include the following:

  • Salesforce Rypple for Salesforce: Salesforce customers will be able to motivate their teams by giving them Thanks directly from within Salesforce on leads, accounts, and more. For example, a salesperson will be able to give Thanks to a customer service agent for providing great service to a customer, or a sales manager will be able to give Thanks to a sales rep for closing a deal. These Thanks will appear in a person's Salesforce Chatter feed, providing managers and peers with visibility into achievements in real time. In addition, all recognition a person receives will become part of his social profile in Salesforce, allowing people to build a reputation at work and colleagues to identify experts.
  • Salesforce Rypple for Chatter: Managers and teams will be able to create custom badges to recognize team and individual achievements. Appearing in the Chatter feed, others can see, comment on, or 'like' them. Whether finance awards a team for coming in under budget or an engineer is recognized for a critical new development, the combination of Salesforce Rypple and Chatter will help break down departmental silos and provide management with visibility into key contributions, all in the employee social network.

Salesforce Site.com allows marketers to operate at the speed of social. Salesforce Site.com is a cloud content management system built for the social enterprise, allowing marketers to deliver a consistent brand experience to their customers and prospects. Not only does it provide a comprehensive studio and visual tools, Salesforce Site.com allows users to create content once and publish it in seconds across a company's corporate sites, landing pages, and to public social networks. Providing marketers with the ability to dynamically style their data, Salesforce Site.com also allows users to embed rich media, including videos, images, social widgets, and more.

Salesforce Site.com integrates into existing Salesforce environments, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Force.com custom apps, and the underlying common Database.com. This allows enterprise users to leverage all of the information available within Salesforce to deliver an optimal Web site experience.

Salesforce.com is launching Salesforce Site.com with new innovations, including the following:

  • Template-Driven Sites: Template-driven styling ensures the brand experience is consistent across Web sites and public social networks, including Facebook.
  • Drag-and-Drop Forms: With dynamic data-binding, Salesforce Site.com turns sites into highly scalable marketing machines, with drag-and-drop forms and data-driven pages that are integrated to Force.com and all Salesforce data.
  • Built-in Collaboration with Chatter: Salesforce Site.com users can now connect with R&D, sales, Web developers, and even external entities, such as creative agencies and design firms, using Chatter.
  • Multi-language: Salesforce Site.com makes it easy to localize and publish Web sites and content on an integrated content delivery network. Marketers can now scale their message globally, in multiple languages.

Salesforce Rypple is generally available today. Pricing starts at$5 per user, per month. The Salesforce Rypple integration for Salesforce is scheduled to be generally available in April at no additional cost for paying Rypple customers.

Salesforce Site.com is generally available today. Salesforce Site.com charges per site and per Web site developer user. The price of a site is $1,500 per month. Salesforce Site.com can be purchased stand-alone or added to existing salesforce.com installations. Publisher and contributor users are an additional $125 and $20 respectively, per month.Through April 30, customers can take advantage of a special Salesforce Site.com promotion that includes two publishers, two contributors, and one published site at $825 per month.

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