SAP and NetBase Partner on Social Media Apps

SAP will be joining forces with social media analytics company NetBase by offering NetBase’s solutions to its customers, providing marketers with more detailed real-time analytics for understanding their markets and customers. 

The SAP Social Media Analytics application will allow users to process social media posts across millions of sites globally to extract structured insights and metrics to uncover market needs and trends, quantify perceptions about products, services, and companies, identify strengths and weaknesses in competing products, and track campaign results. 

"Social analytics and social media are growing exponentially as companies look for ways to process all their data," says Blair Wheadon, director of business analytics solution management at SAP. "Partnering with NetBase provides us with huge opportunities to help our customers by augmenting our footprint with social analytics. Inking the partnership was the first step and we will begin introducing a new set of features and functions to our user base in the coming months."

In addition, the Social Media Analytics application is a cloud-based solution, which Wheadon acknowledged "dovetails nicely" with SAP's overall strategy to embrace cloud-based applications.

SAP and NetBase already share several mutual clients, such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, and J.D. Power and Associates. The partnership will allow customers to integrate their SAP software with NetBase's social media monitoring applications.

"Our alliance with SAP gives us a global reach which many of our customers want," says Fred Mondragon, vice president of business development at NetBase. "Also, if you're an SAP customer looking to add social media monitoring capabilities, it makes sense to work with SAP analytics because it will already have that integration with NetBase, whereas if you use other tools you'll have to do the integration yourself. This will save time and money without the hassle." 

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