Remark Media Announces a Collaboration with Tencent

Millennial-focused digital media company Remark Media today announced a new collaboration with Internet service portal Tencent. Together, the two companies are developing a data-driven precision marketing solution, with the goals of providing their customers with effective, cost-efficient data models, simplifying the process of precision marketing, and reducing overall marketing costs.

The solution will combine the capabilities of Remark’s KanKan Data Intelligence Platform and Tencent’s Cloud offering. KanKan is a social, travel, and online-to-offline (O2O) commerce platform consisting of more than 1.3 billion socially active user profiles. Recently, it expanded its relationship with e-commerce platform Alibaba to include a data integration partnership, connecting with Alibaba's 400 million buyers worldwide.

Tencent Cloud provides computing, storage, database, and security support for a number of popular platforms, including Tencent's own QQ and WeChat instant messaging applications. QQ offers services such as online social games, music, movies, and shopping, while WeChat provides mobile text and voice messaging, as well as video conferencing, video games, and the ability to share photos, videos, and location. The former boasts 877 million active users as of March 2016; the latter counts 700 million active users as of May 2016.

The collaboration between KanKan and Tencent Cloud aims to assist businesses with data collection by determining which customers to target, how to reach them, which promotions are most effective, and how to evaluate and quantify the results of their efforts.

 Kai-Shing Tao, chairman and CEO at Remark Media, said in a statement that the two companies will make precision marketing "more accessible":

"We are proud to announce our expanded relationship with Tencent, the largest Internet company in China and provider of services for hundreds of millions of people, and Tencent Cloud, which is the world's leading cloud service provider. Together with our comprehensive KanKan Data Intelligence Platform, I am confident our combined efforts and capabilities will enable us to make precision marketing more accessible to our respective customers and provide more accurate Internet marketing services in support of their advertising efforts."   

Xu Biao, general manager of Tencent Cloud Data Business, elaborated on the partnership in a statement:

"Beginning in 2017, Tencent Cloud will provide its Big Data solutions to its partners. Powering these solutions is the data derived from Tencent's tremendous social, video, and gaming businesses. With partners such as Remark Media and its KanKan Data Intelligence Platform, our data solutions will address the majority of sophisticated Internet marketing needs as well as solve some of the key issues in predictive analysis and precision marketing."

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