ProsperWorks Rebrands as Copper, Announces Google Integration

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CRM provider ProsperWorks has rebranded itself as Copper and announced an integration with Google Cloud Platform Data Studio and its participation in Google’s SaaS Sales Alignment program.

“Copper conducts energy, just as we facilitate the flow of information and experiences between every business relationship—customers, partners, teammates, and friends,” says Jon Aniano, chief product officer at Copper.

“ProsperWorks was founded in 2014 based on our commitment to introduce a new kind of CRM focused on building lasting relationships and changing how companies and customers work together,” Aniano says. “The same values that were built into ProsperWorks' DNA still live in Copper, but as our company grew we realized that we needed a new identity that better reflected our vision of relationship management

The integration between Copper and Google Cloud Platform Data Studio—a free tool that aims to make important data accessible and useful by enabling users to create charts and reports using drag-and-drop features to quickly visualize business information—has three key features: relationship statistics, visual analytics, and business analysis. First, the integration includes dashboards aimed at helping organizations tell stories through their data and make better decisions. Second, it enables users to create shareable charts and graphs of their data. They can also split trends across different categories or run an in-depth cohort analysis. Third, users can leverage metadata from Copper to view sales indicators, identify trends, and gain insights, as well as export relationship data to run trend analyses. Copper has previously rolled out integrations with other Google Cloud G Suite tools, including Gmail and Hangouts.

“By integrating with GCP Data Studio, we’re providing our every relationship-maker with the tools to visualize their business relationships from leads, accounts, partners, vendors, and creative resources,” Aniano says. “We’re excited to give our customers better visibility into their business and the opportunity to tell great data stories with best-in-class business intelligence analytics.”

By participating in Google’s SaaS Sales Alignment program, Copper looks to demonstrate how SaaS applications can create a productivity-focused user experience within G Suite.

“The SaaS Sales Alignment program will help us continue on the path to provide native functionality within the applications people use every day to do their jobs. It will allow us to work with the thousands of Google sellers across the globe,” Aniano says.

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