• June 14, 2007
  • By Colin Beasty, (former) Associate Editor, CRM Magazine

Prezza Mobilizes EFM

Prezza Technologies on Wednesday released Checkbox Mobile, an on-demand version of the vendor's surveying application. Checkbox Mobile is the industry's first on-demand mobile surveying solution, according to Prezza, and enables companies to complement their Internet browser-based feedback collection system by offering a way to collect feedback "in the field" with handheld devices or tablet PCs. Prezza Checkbox Mobile allows transactional and survey data to be exchanged between a mobile device and the Checkbox server, which can be hosted remotely by Prezza or installed and run locally in a company's datacenter. Checkbox Mobile is tailored both for market researchers and line of business users, says John Craven, president of Prezza Technologies. "We offer a solution that is more in line with the level of performance and stability expected from research professionals as well as business users." Craven says there are a number of verticals that could leverage Checkbox Mobile, such as retail for POS feedback, field marketing reports, and store focus groups; hospitality for order taking and customer feedback; and healthcare for mobile surveys to place orders and gather feedback. Checkbox Mobile comes four months after Prezza's release of the fourth-generation offering of its flagship enterprise feedback management (EFM) solution, Checkbox Web Enterprise 4.0, which offers improved capabilities around refined workflows and mobility. In addition to the matured feature set, Prezza also renamed its technology platform in February, from Ultimate Survey to Checkbox. Since its 2002 founding, Prezza has moved "upstream into the enterprise segment," Craven says. While many of Prezza's customers currently use the solution as a standalone application, as part of the shift the company increasingly is seeing its midmarket and enterprise customers integrate Checkbox with other applications, notably CRM and HR. Checkbox currently uses a framework to provide customers "with a foundation to build and plug into other apps," Craven says, though the company plans to offer its own custom module as a plugin for Salesforce.com and other solutions. Prezza's emphasis on usability and analysis is representative of the push vendors in this market are making, says Esteban Kolsky, senior research director at Gartner. "They're looking to embed templates and best practices that are representative of the types of interactions a company might have with a customer. They're providing the end user with an outline based on best practices." Reporting has also gained importance among customers. "The big trend right now is customers want tools that provide them with reporting features that allow them to do something with the data, not just slice and dice it," Kolsky says. "They want to be able to make business decisions based on a summary of the information." Related articles: Prezza Releases Version 4.0 of Checkbox
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