Pegasystems Announces Pega Deployment Manager

Pegasystems recently announced the availability of Pega Deployment Manager, a tool that helps organizations jump-start their DevOps (development/operation) initiatives by guiding teams through the stages of “agile” deployment, offering a visual road map and enabling users to move new apps and capabilities through the pipeline with a single click, without any coding.

Pega Deployment Manager aims to help companies accomplish three key objectives. The first of these is speeding time to market. It features a built-in DevOps pipeline that automates CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery), which allows developers to check, test, and deploy updates to their Pega apps by simply pushing a button. This feature is designed to allow organizations to overcome skills deficiencies, reduce manual errors, and consistently ship software faster and with less effort and lower costs.

The second is managing application delivery in a single view. It features a unified dashboard of DevOps best practices and associated tools. Organizations can also track the progress of application development.

The third is the ability to tap into third-party, industry-standard DevOps tools. Because it has an open approach to DevOps, Pega allows integration with tools such as Jenkins, jFrog, and Gradle, ensuring that as an organization’s DevOps strategy matures, it can overlay these tools on top of Pega Deployment Manager so that Pega can grow and extend appropriately.

“We’ve brought a no-code, visual approach to DevOps and have made it very easy for organizations now to not only create those applications and customize those applications very fast without writing code, but also push out these new applications and new products in the marketplace quickly without any coding required and, just with the push of a button, automate everything from a technology and a process perspective for them,” says Sid Misra, senior director of product marketing at Pegasystems. “What really makes this very unique for us is [that] the platform is completely visual. That’s very unique to the industry where you can rapidly get started without having any knowledge of existing tools and we give you this out of the box capability to start kicking off your DevOps initiatives very rapidly.” 

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