• May 24, 2022
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Pega Announces Everflow Acquisition at PegaWorld iNspire

Pegasystems today at its PegaWorld iNspire event announced the acquisition of Everflow, a process mining software company, for an undisclosed amount.

Everflow’s software will enable Pega clients to uncover and fix hidden process inefficiencies that often bog down organizational operations. Combined with Pega’s artificial intelligence-powered decisioning and workflow automation capabilities, this acquisition will help Pega deliver a hyperautomation solution. 

Everflow process mining will help companies analyze and optimize their customer and employee-related processes, automatically modeling their real-world processes based on organizational activity logs. Then the software analyzes where those processes break down in the field and suggests ways to improve the approach.

When combined with Pega’s platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation, the solution will help Pega clients continuously monitor processes across the enterprise, identify process issues or deviations when they arise, and even fix them on the fly.

The process mining capability will be offered as an add-on capability to Pega Process AI, a set of Pega Platform capabilities introduced last year.

Process mining, Kerin Akgonul, chief product officer of Pega, explained at the PegaWorld event, “shows you how things get done and gives a clear vision of the inefficiencies.”

 “Our acquisition of Everflow puts Pega in a position to fulfill the promise of hyperautomation like no other company in the industry,” said Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pega. “When combined with our intelligent low-code platform, Everflow will help Pega root out business process inefficiencies from end to end in even the largest and most complex enterprises. We know that digital transformation never stops, and this unique and powerful software combination will allow for continuous improvement in a time of continuous change.”

 “We built Everflow solutions to make the power of process mining accessible and actionable for anyone to use,” said Kleber Stroeh, former CEO of Everflow who joins Pega as vice president of product mining. “This philosophy fits perfectly with Pega’s mission to crush business complexity by democratizing the tools that help organization operate at their full potential. We look forward to joining with Pega and using our solution to help solve problems for some of the most important businesses in the world.”

The PegaWorld iNspire event was all about helping companies take the complexity out of process automation, something Trefler said was inevitable as companies dealt with COVID-19 lockdowns, hybrid work environments, and rising consumer demands. And while the pandemic is hopefully subsiding, “complexity is here to stay,” Trefler said during the event’s opening keynote, pointing out, though, that companies can simplify things with the right architecture.

That architecture, he said, needs to be centered on the customer and have everything flow from the center out,” allowing businesses to “crush complexity, one micro-journey at a time.”

Such an architecture incorporates AI-powered decisioning, natural language processing, predictive and preemptive analytics,

Trefler maintained that businesses today need automation that can work across systems and channels, scale as needed, be easy to reuse, and have open APIs so they can integrate with other technologies

For Don Schuerman, chief technology officer and vice president of product strategy at Pega, automation platforms should blend low-code development with artificial intelligence. That is the future, he said, “and the future is here right now.”

Pega at the event also announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud that will help enable joint clients to accelerate their digital transformations with Pega’s low-code enterprise software on Google Cloud’s highly scalable cloud services. As part of the agreement, Pega will make Pega Cloud applications available on Google Cloud as a fully hosted and managed as-a-service offering. In addition, Pega and Google Cloud will collaborate on industry-specific use cases and joint go-to-market activities and will bring Pega Infinity applications to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

“This deep collaboration with Google not only gives our clients a cloud choice with one of the leading cloud vendors, it also provides us with a powerful new growth channel to be innovative and drive our business forward,” said Carola Cazenave, head of global partner ecosystem at Pega. “We look forward to giving our Pega Cloud clients the exceptional speed, security, and scalability that Google Cloud reliably provides to clients around the world.”

“Businesses can now deploy Pega’s customer engagement applications at global scale, on Google Cloud’s trusted and highly-performant infrastructure,” said Rodrigo Rocha, director of independent software vendor partnerships at Google Cloud. “Pega’s partnership with Google Cloud will also add value for organizations who are looking to utilize Pega and Google Cloud together to address specific industry opportunities, such as helping leading telecom companies better manage a customers’ data journey or helping the automotive industry enhance intelligent capabilities.”

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