Optimizely Launches Easy Event Tracking

Optimizely today launched Easy Event Tracking, a new capability that allows companies to feed third-party data into the Optimizely platform, experiment with every element of the user journey, and capture metrics from other systems within Optimizely. With these results, companies can understand the effect of experiments and gain a complete view of the customer.

"There is this emerging need to connect signals coming from different channels under a single, unified profile," says Giannis Psaroudakis, director of product management at Optimizely. "Easy Event Tracking, in a nutshell, allows our customers to integrate signals from different touchpoints."

Easy Event Tracking aims to make it seamless for companies to capture and measure the impact of experiences across the customer life cycle. It has two key elements. The first is that when users are assigned to an Optimizely experiment or personalization campaign, the Optimizely experimentation platform remembers those assignments. As a result, when users interact with experiences across different touchpoints, events sent to Optimizely are automatically matched to the experiments and campaigns to which the users were assigned.

This, in turn leads to the second key element: Events can be seamlessly tracked across systems, channels, and touchpoints. This allows companies to scale experimentation to more teams by integrating metrics across channels. It also simplifies third-party integrations with the goal of creating opportunities for new partnerships.

"The first piece is allowing our customers to send these signals from any touchpoint into Optimizely," Psaroudakis says. "The second part is attribution of that signal to the appropriate experiment. In other words, when we collect signals from a customer's visitor or user, we know which experience they saw at that time, and we seamlessly attribute it to the right experiment."

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