• August 28, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

OpinionLab Introduces Summer 2015 Release of Its Voice-of-the-Customer Solution

OpinionLab today launched its Summer 2015 Release, which ties digital customer feedback—usually submitted through smartphone apps—to particular store locations.

"Companies need to know what is going on at a specific store," says Rick Blair, chief information officer at OpinionLab. "They're gathering feedback, but not knowing which store the customer is commenting on is frustrating."

To get around that, OpinionLab's Summer 2015 Release comes with a new Location Selector feature that automatically determines the consumer's location and presents a list of nearby locations on which the consumer can choose to provide feedback. For those customers who have opted not to allow the GPS tracking feature, a search feature lets them input their current locations and search for nearby store locations by ZIP code.

Then, the Location Analytics feature helps brands take immediate action on the voice-of-the-customer feedback. The feedback can be organized and analyzed based on a brand's specific location hierarchy. Location analytics provide a view across geographies, a real-time display of data for specific locations, location-specific alerts and monitors, and activity summaries. A variety of data visualization tools with click-through access to rich context and detail empower brands to act in real time.

"The company has a real opportunity to intercept the customer before he leaves that branch or store," Blair says.

And with the Advanced Diagnostics feature, new data export functionality and expanded data filtering capabilities empower brands to further act on their voice-of-the-customer feedback. "It allows the brand to filter and explore all the data that comes in from customers," Blair says. "There are literally dozens of data elements that come in, and all of it is exposed and available for filtering so that brand and location managers can narrow it down to what they want to see and explore.

"They can cut through the clutter, find what is important to them, and then take action on it," he adds. "So much of this release is centered on making it easier for brands to take action on the feedback from their customers."

Also included in the release is a comprehensive suite of new digital comment cards incorporating responsive design to simplify the collection of customer feedback across any device.

Leaving feedback, Blair says, "needs to be easy for the consumer."

According to Blair, the product will be especially useful for retailers, banks, restaurant chains, hotel chains, and similar businesses that have multiple locations. Moreover, it is especially geared "for anyone with a business whose customers interact with them through digital channels," he says.

"Pervasive smart devices and rapidly changing consumer expectations have blended physical and digital channels into a true omnichannel environment," said Mark Treschl, president and chief technology officer at OpinionLab, in a statement. "OpinionLab's Summer 2015 Release empowers brands to effectively understand consumer feedback captured through these converging channels and take real-time action to improve their omnichannel CX.

"Our customers asked for innovation to help them easily identify their physical locations with exceptional [customer experiences] to inform their overall operations, and our summer release delivers that innovation." 

OpinionLab’s Winter 2015 Release first introduced many of the features that make the real-time customer feedback more accessible, engaging, and actionable.

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