OneSpot Announces OneSpot Insights

Content marketing platform OneSpot today announced the latest addition to its Content Sequencing engine, OneSpot Insights. The new content marketing analytics and intelligence tool aims to help digital content teams determine how their branded content is being consumed and identify opportunities for optimizing content creation and sourcing.

OneSpot Insights has three key features. First, it can analyze individual content topics. The tool uses natural language processing to track online audience engagement by individual topics and categories—as opposed to just pages or sections—to determine what types of content audience members are most interested in.

Second, the tool enables marketers to go beyond traditional website metrics such as page views and sessions with ones that are specifically oriented toward content marketing. Users can view the relative and absolute number of people engaging with various content marketing topics, the frequency and depth of consumption of topics, and the actual time the people are paying attention to content based on user behavior such as in-tab activity and cursor movements.

Third, OneSpot Insights has a number of data visualizations. These include preconfigured content topic bubble charts, maps of content interest based on geographic location, and content interest-over-time graphs. Furthermore, users can search and filter data and charts for an overall view or specific details.

"For content marketers, understanding how people are engaging with topics is a game changer. Today, most online analytics solutions are made to be general purpose for all kinds of pages and sites. When you're analyzing what's performing the best, you're generally only able to get a sense of which pages or site sections are performing best. When you can only see which specific pieces of content are driving the most page views, you don't necessarily know what made those individual articles, posts or videos perform so well or what you should do next," says Adam Weinroth, chief marketing officer at OneSpot.

"With OneSpot Insights we use natural language processing algorithms to determine what all of your content is about and then show you which topics and subtopics are performing best in both the size of the audience they're attracting as well as the depth and nature of engagement. We also tell you how much content you have in those topics. This type of insight is highly actionable and represents a breakthrough capability for content marketers."

The OneSpot platform relies on machine learning technology and uses personally relevant content from various channels to re-engage users, with the goal of improving loyalty and delivering quantifiable business results.

"A big part of what we're doing as a company is helping marketers deliver the best possible experience for their audience with their content. Our broader platform automatically personalizes content marketing across websites, email, paid media, and other channels," Weinroth says. "Now, with Insights, we help marketers hone their content portfolio—so we're getting at that mission of improving the whole experience from both ends. The vast amounts of interaction and engagement data we're capturing make both of these pursuits highly achievable and worthwhile."

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