• November 14, 2013

Nuiku Launches Virtual Assistant App for Sales

Nuiku, a provider of virtual assistant technology, has released Nuiku for Sales, its first proprietary app designed specifically for sales people working from a mobile device.

Nuiku allows sales people to use their voices to update and get answers from back-end CRM systems, proactively delivers information ahead of customer meetings, and is constantly learning and analyzing on behalf of the user.

Nuiku for Sales is now available in the App Store for iPhone, with other platforms in the works. The app is also integrated with Salesforce.com and available for download on the AppExchange.

Before a meeting, Nuiku for Sales can provide meeting briefings that contain all of the information about the company and the people involved, including sales history, activity history, prior meeting notes, and open actions. After a meeting, Nuiku prompts the sales person for notes and next actions. The sales person can speak or type updates into Nuiku and the virtual assistant automatically updates the CRM system and keeps track of next steps.

"We've taken the power of natural language input and artificial intelligence technologies and focused them on sales professionals and the sales domain. This gives us a level of accuracy that is missing in current virtual assistant services," said Bill Baker, chief technology officer at Nuiku, in a statement. "With Nuiku for Sales, we've built an app that uses the language of the industry to accurately interpret the users' intent. We've built enterprise-class connectivity that integrates with our customers' CRM systems, even if those systems contain customizations. Connectivity will also include social sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), Web and other systems sales people use to get the job done. And we've built a learning engine so that the Nuiku virtual assistant grows and adapts itself to the user over time."

Nuiku will begin rolling out apps for other functions, including services, marketing, supplier management, human resources, and finance, starting in 2014.

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