New Product Spotlight: February 4, 2004

Witness Systems has announced a new partnership with BenchmarkPortal. The alliance is expected to provide organizations with a comprehensive view of customer interactions, from captured examples and performance evaluations through customer satisfaction surveys. Witness's eQuality software works concurrently with BenchmarkPortal's Echo solution to enable users to quickly identify opportunities for improved customer service based on caller satisfaction and retention feedback. Axonom has released its Powertrak V6.2 for Microsoft CRM 1.2, a solution designed to provide more built-in core functionality, powerful modification tools, and enhanced modules to help customers save costs. According to Axonom, Powertrak Core module adds more sets of one-to-many lists and views to manage complex relationships across the entire CRM system, while its Powertrak Industry Solutions modules offer campaign and advertising analysis, financial services, and a multichannel portal.
Surado Solutions has launched its Surado CRM Offline, including Surado CRM Always-In-Sync. Surado CRM Offline is a single-user, disconnected version of Surado CRM that allows full and complete access to customer information, rather than a partial view of a customer's account. Surado CRM Always-In-Sync also provides automated synchronization between the corporate server and laptops. Pegasystems has introduced a new set of horizontal and vertical BPM solutions. Its new PegaRULES Process Commander Version 4, an upgraded version of their BPM platform product with an integrated enterprise rules engine, is designed to automate the flow and completion of work. The set also features the Pega Customer Process Manager and Pega Quality & Exception Manager, enterprisewide applications built on V4 that allow for one-touch resolution and proactive exception management. Expertcity has announced an OEM and distribution partnership with Mobile Automation. Using Expertcity's GoToAssist, Mobile Automation will offer an improved support solution for corporate-asset management and inventory control. Customers of Mobile Automation can now utilize combined features all from a single console, including patch management, detailed inventory discovery, software distribution, remote control, and migration capabilities. NetByTel has made available its new self-service list removal solution using speech recognition. According to the company, it is designed to help companies meet the requirements of the revised Telephone Sales Rule, which states that outbound telephone solicitation calls must transmit a phone number of the seller or service bureau onto caller ID units. NetByTel's solution enables callers to quickly and easily add their names to the do-not-call list without the assistance of live agents.
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