• May 2, 2012

NICE Introduces Analytics-driven Real-time Customer Interaction Management Offering

NICE today introduced an integrated customer interaction management offering that enhances its current offering with the integration of capabilities from the recent acquisitions of Fizzback and Merced.

This comprehensive offering integrates real-time analytics and guidance solutions with complete voice of the customer (VoC) and workforce optimization (WFO) solutions. With its real-time capabilities, the offering is designed to maximize the value enterprises generate from customer interactions that occur across touch points, including the contact center, Web, mobile, back office, branch and retail. NICE customers can deploy the solution on premises or as a service.

In real time, enterprises can analyze the interaction and apply decisioning based on the understanding of the context of the interaction, as well as customer intelligence, workforce performance data, and other data from enterprise systems, some of which are available prior to the interaction. The solution then helps to ensure that the next-best-action is taken while driving the execution in the most efficient way.

One benefit for an organization is that it can increase revenue by identifying and acting on sales opportunities during inbound interactions. It uses real-time analytics to understand the context of the call and guide the agent with best practices to provide outstanding service, and assist the agent to make the transition from service to sales by matching the right offer to the agent's sales skills and the customer's specific interests.

The solution also provides a total and true view of the performance of each employee, derived from analytical and VoC data gathered from previous interactions. With this view, tailored coaching and training can be more effectively implemented. Scheduling can be done automatically, taking into consideration predicted interaction volumes, employee skill sets, and employee performance.

Upon the conclusion of an interaction, NICE immediately collects the voice of the customer via its direct feedback solution and combines it with data gathered during the interaction. This data is used as a catalyst to take immediate, corrective actions, as well as to drive continuous improvement across the enterprise for better performance during future interactions. These efforts are subsequently validated by a closed loop evaluation to ensure effectiveness.

"The interaction is the decisive moment of customer service, and our enhanced offering is built for that moment by impacting every stage of the interaction lifecycle," said Udi Ziv, president of the NICE Enterprise Group, in a statement. "Our solutions are geared to enable an organization to shape customer interactions in real time. This unique approach stands out for the ability to leverage big data and maximize value for enterprises in key business drivers such as customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, compliance, and revenue."

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