NICE Announces New Version of NICE Satmetrix

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NICE recently announced a new version of NICE Satmetrix, its cloud-based customer feedback management solution. The new release aims to improve customer experiences through a variety of enhancements designed to deliver real-time, targeted insights.

“As more and more companies are interested in customer feedback and customer experience, you have to be more sophisticated about how you can collect that data, extract the insights that you need, and then do something about it in a way that really makes sense for your company,” says Whitney Wood, marketing director at NICE Satmetrix. “This is a release that continues to deliver more functionality that helps companies be more targeted in the insights that they get so that they can supplement their big-picture view of the customer experience.”

The new version includes an AI engine that identifies the topics that are becoming more important to customers and shares them in real time. It also offers rotation of randomized question sets in conversational SMS surveys with an eye on keeping the questions short. In addition, by interacting with NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics, Satmetrix can deliver adaptive, personalized surveys, and its multilayered no-send rules can regulate time between survey sharing.

Organizations now also have more flexibility in the form of custom programs. Users can customize CX metrics and report on them directly from within the new version. An anonymous peer comparison feature can be used to evaluate progress between branches, contact centers, or franchises.

“We’re especially excited about the custom metrics that people can create right within the system. Sometimes customer experience programs spend some time manipulating the data that they get to meet expectations of various stakeholders within their company. Now, we’re giving them the ability to set up those custom metrics right within the product—it will save a lot of time for people,” Wood says.

Rounding out the new features, the automated topic mapping that has been part of NICE Satmetrix’s advanced text analytics capabilities can now also power configurable, adaptable workflow engines. “We’ve long had very sophisticated topic mapping that we allow people to do around their comments,” Wood says. “We can now use that to drive alerts, so that’s a way that that kind of customization and the powerful work that people do around understanding customer comments can very directly drive the follow-up action that they’re able to take based on customer feedback.”

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