• April 27, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Mzinga Releases Customer Experience Solution

Mzinga, a provider of social intelligence solutions, services, and analytics, today released a complete, end-to-end social customer experience solution.

The Customer Experience Solution combines 34 of Mzinga's social media and customer experience tools in a single offering. Built on the company's OmniSocial platform, strategic services, scorecard analysis, and community moderation, it provides solutions to help companies develop and grow talent within the organization, develop and comment on content within social media, create community networks, and share content and collaborate with others, explains Mike Merriman, director of strategic services at Mzinga.

The Customer Experience Solution focuses on three separate yet inter-related activities: new client acquisition, customer engagement, and peer support, Merriman says. With it, customers can develop more direct, real-time interactions between employees and customers through social elements like profiles, blogs, ratings, and existing customer reviews. They can also develop interactive relationships with customers through support forums, a Q&A knowledge base, and certification programs; and, by collecting, collaborating, and co-creating with customers in real-time, gain valuable insight into customer needs through ideation, live meetings, and crowdsourcing. In addition, enterprises will be able to monitor and respond via social media listening, moderation, and integration with leading CRM tools as well as external Web sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The new solution set, which is geared more toward larger enterprises, feeds off the company belief that consumers today base their buying decisions more on the relationship they have with a company than on price or quality, Merriman says. "This is the evolution of our existing products tailored to a new business need—creating customer engagement," he says."We've long provided solutions for internal employee engagement and marketing engagement, but we've seen a lot of focus lately on customer engagement.

"These apps extend the reach of our tools to understanding what the customer needs," he adds.

"Customers today are being more proactive and taking matters into their own hands. The important conversations they are having about products and services occur without the participation and often without the knowledge of the companies involved," said Al Nugent, CEO of Mzinga, in a statement. "By offering a full solution, we provide the insights and awareness that customer support professionals need to improve communication and collaboration, creating the highest quality customer experience."  

Mzinga supports more than 15,000 communities and 2.5 billion monthly page requests from 40 million unique visitors in 160 countries worldwide. Its solutions are widely used in the financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and media verticals.

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