• October 7, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Mzinga Announces OmniSocial 2011

Mzinga, a provider of social software and analytics solutions for business, yesterday released the 2011 version of its flagship OmniSocial social business software suite.

Eve Sangenito, vice president of marketing at Mzinga, says the most significant updates in this release are "an entirely new analytics and business intelligence environment, as well as extensive advancements in our social business ecosystem model, which enable organizations to more easily address targeted, purpose-driven social business needs."

Key highlights in OmniSocial 2011 include the following:

• A flexible social ecosystem: OmniSocial 2011 gives organizations greater flexibility in designing social business solutions that meet their unique business goals, target audiences, design standards, and more—all from one platform. New user permission and personalization options, coupled with greater content management and design control, allow businesses to create, manage and repurpose custom-tailored interactive experiences or virtual sub-sites.

Using OmniSocial experiences, organizations can create distinct environments for employee and customer groups, but with the option to share user networks, content, design patterns, and analysis across sites and a broad range of collaborative and knowledge sharing applications. The result is a social business experience that filters relevant information to cater to the interests and requirements of individual users, while also providing business and user experience continuity by enabling benchmarking analysis across experiences, and eliminating data silos and the need to maintain various system deployments.

• OmniSocial Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence: OmniSocial 2011 introduces a new analytics and business intelligence solution that provides real-time access to a host of new dashboards and flexible report options with advanced visualizations, time-series analysis, and mobile optimization.
It employs an extensible metadata model, providing a library of reusable data elements that can be filtered and sorted along multiple criteria to give organizations greater insight into user, behavior, content, and system analysis.

"In regard to analytics, we rearchitected our entire system, which provides real-time access to a host of sophisticated new dashboards as well as flexible report options with advanced visualizations, time-series analysis, and mobile optimization," Sangenito said in an email. "OmniSocial supports big data for rapid, real-time, enterprise-grade processing of proprietary algorithms, paving the way for analysis of massive data sets, such as comparative and benchmarking metrics."

• Bridging with Business-Critical Applications and Sites: OmniSocial 2011 includes recent interoperability advancements, including key integration points with industry standard social media listening and email marketing tools.

In addition, Mzinga has launched a new developer community, which includes various new social application programming interfaces available in RESTful format for developer use and ease of integration with existing Web properties and other business-critical customer and employee applications.

"The market demand around social software is continually maturing, and it's important to us to design solutions that enterprises need not just to collaborate, but to be collaborative in a way that advances business and its overall objectives," said Al Nugent, CEO of Mzinga, in a statement. "Creating a social ecosystem with real-time analytics that serves up previously untapped business and user intelligence can and will continue to fundamentally change the competitive landscape across virtually every industry."

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