• December 6, 2013
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Moxie Software Enhances Its Spaces by Moxie Suite

Moxie Software, a provider of customer-centric enterprise social software, yesterday introduced new functionality for its Spaces by Moxie suite of applications. The new features that have been added to Chat Spaces, Email Spaces, and Knowledge Spaces will be available December 16.

For Chat Spaces, enhancements include a new user interface that recognizes the type of device the customer is using and optimizes the chat experience for that device, whether it's a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. The interface also allows both the customer and the agent to upload and share files during chat sessions.

Through a licensing agreement with Lionbridge involving its GeoFluent real-time translation technology, Moxie also provides 24/7 translation support for dozens of languages within the chat windows. This, according to David Lowy, vice president of product management at Moxie Software, is precipitated by the fact that many of Moxie's midsized to large enterprise customers operate around the globe.

Chat Spaces has also been upgraded with increased password protection.

The enhancements to Chat Spaces, Lowy says, are a recognition of the "tremendous upgrowth potential" of chat, particularly in adoption by both companies and their customers.

Also showing huge potential is email, which is why Moxie enhanced its Email Spaces offering with additional support for mail formats and languages, better visibility into email flow, and improved email attachment handling.

"Email volumes are increasing, so we're spending a lot of time to support the underpinnings of that technology to make sure that [every email] gets to the right person at the right time," Lowy says.

Moxie also enhanced its Knowledge Spaces offering with advanced search tuning that improves the accuracy of search results based on user-defined business rules and the types of queries asked. Improved content management capabilities allow users to change data once and have it automatically flow to all instances where that information appears without having to touch each individual article. Users can also now search and retrieve unpublished content. Increased password protection further ensures that only authorized personnel can tinker with content.

All the changes to Moxie Spaces are designed to provide consumers with consistent responses across interaction channels, extending the same information across phone, email, chat, social, and the Web, Lowy explains.

Moxie Software's Spaces software is available in cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment models.

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