Monetrix Rolls Out User Analytics Solution

Monetrix, a cloud-based, data analytics provider, launched its User Analytics solution yesterday at the SF Beta startup mixer in San Francisco. The solution provides actionable insight and tools for marketers and managers to increase application adoption and monetization, and to better engage their audience.

Monetrix User Analytics integrates with any Web or mobile application to build a full 360-degree view of a company's users. By processing large volumes of application data into a unique blend of user metrics and profiling strategies, Monetrix empowers marketers to better understand their customers, e.g., how they behave, and what they like.

"If you look at a typical Web application funnel, you will see a very small percentage of users make up a majority of the revenue. This creates a huge opportunity to better profile users and improve marketing effectiveness for revenue growth," said Bo Borland, Monetrix's founder and president, in a statement. "However, doing this effectively requires analyzing vast amounts of raw user data, and that is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. We developed Monetrix to solve the big data challenges of large-scale Web and mobile applications so analytics becomes easy for the nontechnical marketing manager to gain insight and to take action."

Monetrix introduced the free private beta version of the product at the launch. After signing up for the solution at Monetrix's Web site, companies receive access to various features, including data integration options, actionable reports and dashboards, and segmentation strategies for cohort groups.

The solution is targeted at high-tech companies as well as companies in traditional industries that leverage mobile applications to better connect with and serve their customers, according to Parker Brown, director of marketing at Monetrix.

"With the launch of our Open Beta, we are encouraging small development shops, large application development companies, and traditional businesses with mobile applications to sign up and leverage Monetrix to help with user marketing and application development," Brown said.

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