• August 22, 2014
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Monetate Introduces Web Site Testing and Targeting

Monetate, a provider of testing and targeting, email optimization, and personalization solutions, this week launched Monetate for Testing & Targeting, a self-serve Web site-testing software solution.

With one line of code, marketers can test specific segments of their Web sites with particular audience members and make instant changes based on real-time data results.

Monetate for Testing & Targeting is cloud-based and helps marketers determine "whether they are doing the best things for their customers on their Web sites," explains Bruce Ernst, vice president of product development at Monetate. "It's about helping companies find new and better things to do with their Web sites."

Marketers can test the positive and negative business impacts of any proposed change on their Web sites by tracking in-session user behavior and combining that data with real-time conditions, such as weather and location. The built-in analytics lets users evaluate experiments, define and track standard or custom metrics, integrate with third-party analytics, and view performance statistics in a customizable dashboard.

Marketers can use the software to test any and all content on their sites, including text, images, calls to action, shopping carts, and more. "If you can see it, you can test it," Ernst says. "It even works on some things you can't see."

The software can do basic A/B testing (weighing one option or another) or multivariate testing (weighing several options at once). Marketers can set the sample size and determine which site visitors see one option or the other,. "You can do it with big or small audiences, depending on how statistically significant you want it to be," Ernst says. But, "the bigger the audience, the faster you get the results," he points out.

To use the software, marketers need only to sign up and then integrate the software into their sites by dropping in a few lines of Java code, according to Ernst.

Monetate for Testing & Targeting works with static or mobile Web sites. "In either case, it works the same way," Ernst says.

The software is geared toward small and midsized businesses with an "entry-level" Web presence, but Ernst says it can be used by growing businesses as well. "It's really for anyone with a Web site," he states. "It's a simple, easy way to grow your business."

With Testing & Targeting, Monetate is bringing “enterprise-grade testing to the masses with unmatched scale, efficient work flow, and rigorous security,” he adds, noting that it doesn’t matter whether the firm runs two tests or 200 tests.

The software also contains built-in security and management features, including role-based access. Campaigns remain within the marketing department.


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