Methinks Announces DIY App

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Methinks, a provider of a global video-based research platform, recently announced a DIY app that allows businesses to engage face-to-face with customers and prospects in just a few clicks. Methinks gives companies access to a pool of 350,000 “thinkers” who are ready to share insights and opinions.

“Traditionally, qualitative research has been a really tough area for a lot of businesses because of logistics, expertise, time, and cost. Qualitative research means you are looking for a suitable candidate for your study, and then invite them to your premises or connect with them in a focus group…that’s going to cost you a lot, and time-wise, that’s going to take a long time,” says Philip Yun, cofounder and head of product at Methinks. “The way that we’re trying to solve that problem is to connect users through our mobile app. We find users based on their lifestyles…so we can connect the users wherever they are, wherever they are available, so businesses and researchers can easily talk to their target customers.”

Methinks assists companies in targeting, finding, and interviewing customers and prospects via face-to-face video calls. The platform allows researchers to conduct live interviews, qualitative surveys, and longitudinal studies, with the goal of gaining insights ranging from basic product usability to a deeper understanding of personal product usage.

With the app, businesses can simply input criteria about who they are looking for as potential clients or customers, and the platform quickly generates suitable candidates, “more than 100, 200 quality candidates for their study within a couple of hours,” Yun says. “Then, they can easily send out one-button invitations to these people, and they can start face-to-face conversations with them. We provide this platform for businesses to easily find their potential customers and have qualitative interviews with them without getting help from any other solutions or people.

“No matter what kind of products or services you are making, you definitely need to build those products and services based on your target customers’ feedback to solve their pain points,” he adds. “To do that, companies need to put their potential customers first, so we are making the Methinks platform a key part of building any product or service. That’s the vision of Methinks, and we try to make that happen by helping businesses perform this insight-gathering activity as quick and as cost-efficient as possible.”

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