Message Systems Launches "Momentum for CRM" Software

Message Systems, a digital messaging software maker, has rolled out a new line of software that extends and enhances the messaging capabilities of legacy CRM systems. The first module is tailored to boost the email and SMS/MMS capabilities of Oracle's Siebel CRM application.

Momentum for CRM by Message Systems upgrades the messaging capabilities within Siebel by boosting throughput (the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel) and integrating email and SMS/MMS for cross-channel functionality, as well as adding new timed-delivery features and automating deliverability processes to boost delivery rates and customer engagement.

"A CRM system provides a fundamental component to engagement and making sure that engagement makes for a positive brand experience," says Dave Lewis, chief marketing officer at Message Systems. "But what we're seeing is many of the legacy CRM systems don't extend that ability into their messaging. So if you take the core confidence that a CRM provider has and marry it with the core confidence that we have around messaging, that provides for the experience and level of engagement that you need."

Key capabilities of Momentum for CRM include:

High-volume, scheduled messaging. Siebel CRM users gain the ability to send higher volumes of messages, with greater precision and control. Large global campaigns can be held in queue for delivery at a specific time, or staggered across time zones to hit inboxes at the time of day most likely to elicit responses in each target country.

Cross-channel integration. By fully integrating SMS text messaging with Siebel CRM's email marketing capabilities, Momentum for CRM enables users to transform message content between channels on the fly. As such, it becomes possible to engage customers in two-way interactions through email or SMS text or both.

Data augmentation/centralized management. Users can pull data from various sources to modify any part of a message. Organizations can customize messages with graphics or other content stored in external databases. In addition, mailings for any number of campaigns, business divisions, or marketing teams can all be managed from a central point of control.

Visibility and reporting. Users gain a central view into metrics on messages in queue, messages sent, bounces, volume trends, and more. Users can monitor campaigns in progress and also generate comprehensive reports when sending is complete.

Proactive deliverability management. Momentum for CRM auto-tunes outbound email delivery parameters in real-time to optimize delivery and improve effectiveness in managing deliverability.

Secure messaging environment. With Momentum for CRM, organizations can implement industry best practices for reputation management and security with DKIM and SPF authentication, and prepare for the emerging DMARC standard.

Depending on customers' responses to the first Momentum for CRM application, Message Systems plans to release similar applications to complement CRM systems by other major vendors such as SAP and Unica.

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